Introducing our proven Leadership Development Program

We will help you create a
culture of cohesion
and cooperation that
is limitless.

We provide you with
proven tools and skills
needed to attract, retain,
align, develop, and
engage top talent.

Enabling you to build an
emotionally intelligent,
collaborative culture.

Do you struggle with:

    • Unhealthy workplace conflict
    • Lack of teamwork
    • Difficulty attracting and keeping talent

We align leaders to be directed towards a positive change
through a collaborative and strategic approach


We believe engagement at all levels starts with Y O U as a leader.


We help you define direction, inspire alignment, clarify focus and fuel momentum toward peak performance.

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We focus on maximizing outcomes for people which drives outcomes for organizations.

As business and communication strategists, we partner with
you to collaboratively access your needs and determine a
strategy to maximize your return on human capital.


Maximizing People Performance – “Ingredients for Success”

Michelle is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., a leadership training company located in Southern, CA. She is also the creator of the nontraditional Badass Leader® brand and author of the newly released Second Edition of her book, From BAD to BADASS Leader, designed for the everyday heroes who lead, feed, heal and build our world.

Michelle is an innovative, results-oriented facilitator, coach and consultative strategist with a coveted reputation of exceeding expectations in highly competitive, distressed or volatile operational business climates. Her portfolio of strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes in leading and developing large and diverse teams; from leadership and sales to multi-faceted business operations.

Michelle possesses over 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational expertise. Her geographical background has been diverse throughout North America, running large scale operations, in progressive urban settings, to suburban and even seasonal resort and rural markets.

Michelle has an impressive resume of start-ups and turnaround successes, and remarkable sales management competencies, as well as a flair for building cohesive high-performance teams. Michelle understands the operational BIG picture and has a proven track-record of fostering associate engagement, accountability and development; while simultaneously driving sales and revenue performance upward.

MDR is proud to be Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors®, PXT Select™, Blanchard Companies Channel Partner and a Certified Working Genius Facilitator. *AAVSB approved Facilitator.

We get it – we understand leadership isn’t easy.

It’s hard enough to be in management, but leading a team brings a lot of challenges and can be overwhelming. Building strong
teams is both an art and a science. We have been successful in combining both for a wide variety of client partners.

Here’s How We Do It.

Give Us A Call

We’ll discuss your needs to ensure our understanding of your specific challenges, goals, and objectives.

Select a Program

We will customize a proven solution that will work best for your desired outcomes, timeline, and investment plan.

Grow your Business

With an engaged, aligned, and interconnected team you are able to comfortably focus on maximizing strategic initiatives to scale and refine your business.

It’s Time to Lead

At MDR Coaching and Consulting, we believe your goal is to be the best at what you do every day, to heal families, feed communities and build our world — all the while maximizing profits and cultivating a secure future for your business and loved ones. In order to make this happen, you need to ensure your leadership team has a proven approach.

The challenge is most leaders tend to be more focused on day-to-day tasks and less focused on investing time and resources on developing critical leadership and team competencies. We understand every leader should possess the distinctive skills required to lead teams and grow their businesses effectively.

We also understand leading people can be challenging and that’s why we designed development programs to support you in becoming an architect of building cohesive and collaborative teams. We get it, leadership in these emotionally charged times can be overwhelming, frustrating, and ever consuming both inside and outside of working hours. With the right tools and training, you and your team will be well-equipped to attain loftier goals and create a more meaningful impact together.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a call and let’s talk about the challenges.

Step 2: We’ll outline a roadmap together to support you in achieving your desired goals and objectives.

Step 3: You’ll be well on your way to building a cohesive leadership team who is connected, aligned, and focused on achieving collective outcomes.

So, schedule that call and stop worrying, and let’s get busy building your plan together.


Programs & Workshops

MDR Leadership Development Program

Everything DiSC® Workshops

    • EQ/Management
    • Productive Conflict
    • Work of Leaders and more…

Five Behaviors® Workshops

    • Personal & Team



Assessments for Success

PXT Select™ 

    • Pre-Hire/Coaching
    • 360 Surveys

    Everything DiSC®

      • Workplace/Conflict
      • Management/EQ

    Five Behaviors®

      • Personal & Team

Certification Courses

Everything DiSC Facilitator 

    • Facilitator Kits Available

Five Behaviors® Facilitator 

    • Facilitator Kits Available

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