A Door Closes – A Window Opens #Gratitude

A Door Closes – A Window Opens

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I️ am sharing my story of an amazing journey I️ had the privilege to embark upon in 2013.  From a long list of extremely qualified consultants, I️ was one of the lucky ones who was selected to join an amazing and talented consulting team, serving those who feed our country and veterinary teams who care for our animals and family members.  It was an incredible opportunity to work with an organization of leaders who are truly passionate about serving the animal health and agricultural community.  I was humbled to serve this industry by providing support through leadership and team development.  My tenure with Zoetis PeopleFirst was an incredible experience, one I️ will forever cherish.  In spite of  PeopleFirst being sunsetted by Zoetis, I️ feel fortunate to be able to continue to build upon the amazing groundwork they’ve laid.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you Zoetis and your valued customers – I️ will keep them in the best of hands and look forward to building upon your legacy of service.

Fondest of Memories and with Heartfelt Gratitude,

Michelle Reines