A Standard in Hiring Produces Better Results: PXT Select™ to the Rescue!

stop! PXT Select to the Rescue

One in Five new hires are “bad” or have “regretted decisions,” according to hiring managers on their team.  -CEB, Global Market survey

Great organizations know success begins with hiring the right people. In the pool of candidates, there can be superheroes and villains, bystanders and go-getters, a diamond in the rough or a lump of coal. So, what does it take to hire the right person that you know will bring value to your business? PXT Select™ will help you streamline your process and determine whether a candidate is right for the job and the organization.

Why a Streamlined Approach Works

Let’s start from the beginning and why having a consistent hiring process will help you hire the right people. If you have an inconsistent process, you won’t have consistent quality in your hires. This could be tragic for your organization’s culture, current team, and your results. Without a standard in hiring, managers will not have a roadmap to guide their evaluation. Will they hire on experience? Personality? Does the candidate fit the organization’s culture and values? Without these standards and benchmarks, the candidate may affect the company work environment and other producers within departments. PXT Select™ can help you put data behind your hiring decisions, helping you make the hiring process simple, human and smart.

Using PXT Select™ to Streamline your Process

PXT Select™ is a tool that not only helps to streamline the hiring process; it is a tool that can be leveraged throughout the lifecycle of your employees. When integrating PXT from the very beginning, you’ll get a solid vision for how your candidate thinks and behaves, as well as understanding their interests – all are essential considerations for your hiring decision. You’ll be able to expand your net for the right candidates with expanded job functions. You’ll have tailored questions to ask and know what to listen for based on the candidate’s assessment questions. PXT will help you identify ways to enhance performance to maximize the individual’s talents and contributions, which will add value to them and the organization. This tool will help you match people with the right role, leading to increased motivation, engagement and ultimately translating to improved performance results.

PXT Select™ will help you fill the gaps between resume, interview and hire. You’ll get the data you need to make smart hiring decisions. A standard in hiring is crucial for a successful business. You need to have like-minded individuals all working for a common goal that everyone can get behind. According to Harvard Business review’s study of 360,000 individuals over 20 years, spanning 14 industries – hiring the right people, in the right role is the number one predictor of success. We understand, adding data to traditional hiring tactics can sound overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be, call MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. for your free PXT Select™ consultation 1-800-351-3129. Learn more about PXT Select™ and how it can help improve your business.