Why People Performance?

We are passionate about maximizing outcomes for people and organizations; we believe your people are your ultimate competitive advantage.

As business and communication strategists we partner with our clients to collaboratively assess their needs and determine a strategy to maximize their desired outcomes.

What We Believe

MDR believes individuals, relationships, organizations and communities can be directed toward positive change through a collaborative and strategic approach.

The founder of MDR, Michelle Reines is a Business Strategic Interventionist & Coach, who possesses over 30 years of hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational experience.  She has a diverse background in business management, start-up, sales, marketing; team building and leadership development. She has a passion for developing individuals and leaders, as well as building, stretching, and engaging  passionate and collaborative teams to maximize organizational performance.

Strategic Interventionists are dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines; Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics (neurolinguistics – the branch of linguistics that studies the relation between language and the structure and function of the nervous system linguistics – the scientific study of language.); psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and the art of negotiation, just to name a few.  When these skills are applied in a business setting they support the resolution of organizational and cultural paradoxes that otherwise lead to internal conflict and blocked initiative.

Ready to explore new heights?