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From BAD to BADASS Leader – 12 Leadership Lessons

Author, Michelle D. Reines

MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is thrilled to have two distinct brands. MDR is our traditional leadership development brand and Badass Leader is our hip, trendy more progressive brand. We leverage a hybrid of both brands as needed or requested. 

Why Badass Leader?

Our Badass Leader brand and book “From Bad to Badass Leader” was born out of a desire to create an approachable, edgy, humorous, and relatable leadership resource to serve powersports & watersports dealers and brands in maximizing overall performance success by combining our passion for people, work, & play!

From Bad to Badass Leader, is about Michelle’s journey and lessons learned while progressing from being an ass as a boss, in pursuit of becoming a badass leader.  How she defines “Badass” is, being intentional about who she wants and needs to be as a leader.  Early, in her leadership journey, she was oblivious to the impact she had on people!  She didn’t understand the art of leading people and building badass teams; the people-part can be the most challenging for many leaders; it certainly was for her.  She’s excited to share her lessons learned, in hopes of provoking you to awaken the badass leader within; learn how to transform yourself, your team, and your organization.

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From Bad to Badass Leader

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