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Using Everything DiSC to Manage Your Team in Uncertain Times

The abrupt transition to working remotely which happened for many organizations in 2020 was one of the biggest disruptors to daily life. How do you create strong organizational culture to withstand this present lack of human connection that we are facing and which will likely define this year as well? With Everything DiSC: A Wiley […]

The Cost of Ineffective Teamwork

The impacts of poor teamwork go beyond simply disrupting company culture. Ineffective teamwork causes disruption to time, effectiveness, AND revenue! #TheFiveBehaviors can help. Learn more: https://mdr4you.com/five-behaviors.html #LivetoLead #Teamwork #VirtualTeams #Friday


MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is excited to announce their CAPAPRO membership with The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni company whose focus is on “leading a movement to make organizational health a reality in companies and organizations everywhere. That’s because we are utterly convinced that a healthy organization achieves greater results, builds a more loyal […]

A Door Closes – A Window Opens #Gratitude

A Door Closes – A Window Opens Please Click the Link Above to Read the Announcement: I️ am sharing my story of an amazing journey I️ had the privilege to embark upon in 2013.  From a long list of extremely qualified consultants, I️ was one of the lucky ones who was selected to join an […]

3 Benefits of Hiring your own Executive Coach

As an executive, your employees look to you to help them level-up their workplace game. You help them navigate through various situations, role-play, develop, coach and support them in growing their careers.  So, who do you turn to when you need to work on a few mechanics, sharpen your leadership game, gain some effective feedback […]

Leadership Development Resolutions: Build Your Own Rocket

Making new plans Stan? No need to be coy Roy…are great lyrics! But really, what’s your leadership development plan to take it to the next level in 2019? Historically, I have always cultivated my “personal best” when I have a leadership development plan; what does that mean?  I am a passionate believer in Steven Covey’s […]

Hop on the Bus Gus – Reserve your Seat!

Ineffective Workplace Communication Making You and Others Crazy!?! Ever meet someone, be it a client, coworker or just a random person and immediately you clicked?  How about the opposite, when you didn’t click?  Aren’t you curious what that’s all about?  Ever worked with or for someone where communication was awkward or maybe even you imagined […]

Save the Drama for Effective Meetings!

How many times have you sat in a meeting thinking, “this is such a waste of time”? Chances are, you’re not alone. Many people sitting around the conference table probably feel the same way. Bad meetings can create disengagement and fuel team dysfunction, frustration and even lead to passive-aggressive power playing and posturing – oh […]

Do You Need a Check-up From the Exec-up?

As leaders, it’s our job to keep our organization’s health in tip-top condition, and we’re not just talking about the numbers; it’s about the health and morale of our people.  The impact this has is massive, especially when it comes to maximizing overall organizational health, brand experience, and performance. I wholeheartedly believe, the healthiest organizations […]