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Five Behaviors Facilitator Accreditation Training – November 9, 2021

Do you have a desire to coach talented individuals into becoming cohesive and extraordinary teams? The next Five Behaviors® Facilitator Accreditation virtual training course (powered by Everything DiSC) starts November 9th. The five-week course plus pre-work includes weekly 90-minute instructor-led, virtual classroom sessions, access to resources like The Five Dysfunctions of a Team eBook, and […]

Adapting Teams: Powered by Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Would you say that your organization is ready to adapt to the future, whatever it brings? We live in challenging times, and now more than ever, professionals need to keep their eyes glued to the horizon. Today’s workforce may be perfectly suited to today’s challenges. But what about next year’s? The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ […]

Embracing and Democratizing Regular Recognition

Don’t underestimate the power of recognition! Do we get up and go to work each day just for a paycheck? Recent research suggests we don’t. If you’re looking for an easy way to motivate employees and boost engagement, start with recognition. But don’t make recognition one directional. Make recognizing achievements everyone’s responsibility. The entire responsibility […]

Discover The Five Behaviors Team Development

Even teams producing generally good results may be burdened with disengagement, lack of cohesion, or non-productive conflict. When your team’s productivity falters, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the source of concern. With the right framework, developing and practicing teamwork comes consistently, and relationships thrive—taking your organization to the next level. The Five Behaviors® Team Development […]

Lower Employee Stress By Listening

Wiley surveyed 4,500 working professionals from a variety of industries in July 2021 to find out what organizations can do to help employees maintain a healthy balance and lower their stress levels. 58% of people surveyed currently experience the benefit of having regular listening sessions with leaders. When leaders reach out and listen, people report […]

A New Standard of Teamwork

Today’s organizations are working beyond a single team. The teams of today and of the future have never seen this level of complexity and diversity. As such we need a new standard of teamwork. So what makes a productive, high-functioning team? • Feels safe to ask for help and express their opinions • Avoids wasting […]

A Leadership Tip from PXT Select: Vision

There’s no greater leadership responsibility than being able to craft and cast a compelling vision for your organization. And though crafting a vision isn’t easy, when it comes to leadership, only one “vision question” really counts—are you actively pursuing your vision? Leadership mentor John Maxwell said that a leader “knows the way, goes the way, […]

Productive Conflict in the Remote Workplace

Have you found it harder to engage in productive conflict since working remotely? Avoiding tension, conflict, and difficult conversations can stunt a team’s growth, especially when the groundwork of trust—where mistakes can be made, forgiveness is granted, and our vulnerabilities aren’t used against us—has eroded or, worse, never existed from the start. Whether it’s holding […]

The Policies Every Organization Should Consider to Minimize Employee Stress

For its latest eBook, How to Navigate the Great Resignation, Wiley asked questions about what policies organizations have in place and examined the impact that those policies have on reported stress levels. They discovered some compelling insights about which organizational policies have the biggest impact on lowering employee stress levels. One of these policies is […]