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Everything DiSC: The Truth Speaker

The Truth Speaker is a straight shooter and confident thinker. They are willing to question inferior ideas and give critical feedback. And if they don’t come right out and tell you what they’re thinking? Don’t worry…their body language will let you know! Are you a truth speaker at work? How do we best leverage the […]

DiSC As a Framework for Better Relationships

There are many examples of ways Everything DiSC should and shouldn’t be used in the workplace (or in general). DiSC gives us a framework for understanding behavior, but the real value of DiSC is not just in knowing a person’s DiSC style—it goes much deeper than that. It’s about relationships. The real magic happens when […]

Vital Virtual Teamwork Skills

Understanding the virtual teamwork skills gap is the first step to overcoming it. Creating a culture of effective teamwork requires a set of skills and a common language for ALL employees, and these are 100% learnable— no matter where employees are located. It starts with trust—specifically vulnerability-based trust. By acknowledging our own human failures and […]

Consistency in Hiring

Consistency in hiring lays the foundation for success with your new hires and positively impacts the whole team structure. PXT Select is a simple solution trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide to help them find the right people, fast, and engage them for the long term. Hire smarter, retain longer. We’ve got tons of data […]

The Do’s and Don’t’s of DiSC

It’s true that Everything DiSC has the power to be a culture catalyst by starting each learner on the path from personalized insights to real behavior change. But achieving this powerful impact requires the appropriate use of DiSC in the workplace. While DiSC is a tool that supports a variety of social and emotional contexts […]

A Framework for Team Challenges

Whenever your team faces challenges—say, not everyone has committed to an idea—what’s your framework for working through it? What questions do you ask? Employees are empowered to apply their skills on a day-to-day basis when tied to a simple, memorable, and actionable framework and through a common language. When employees at all levels are equipped […]

Self Awareness and Team Dynamics

Each of us approaches teamwork in a unique way, and those differences in perspective and personality are part of what helps teams thrive. They allow us to debate and discuss concepts and ideas and to uncover one another’s blind spots. So when each employee develops their self-awareness around their own personalities and behaviors, they become […]

PXT Select for Leadership

PXT Select not only helps with finding and onboarding the right talent, but also with leadership, equipping leaders to achieve higher engagement levels in their teams. Leaders generate excitement and take time to celebrate hard work and achievements. They make space for affirmation, even with everyday tasks. Leaders understand that the well-being of their organizations […]

Implementing Job Fit Throughout Your Organization

Guess what – Job Fit matters not just during the hiring process, but for your entire team, throughout the life of your organization. Implementing Job Fit means knowing each job, knowing each person, making objective selection decisions, and then actively monitoring engagement of your people. Sound difficult? Not if you leverage the right tools, like […]