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Everything DiSC Theory

Let’s talk about DiSC theory. Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different styles and priorities—no one DiSC style better or worse than the next. These differences in style can be extremely valuable. Although the DiSC dimensions form four distinct styles, it is probably more useful to think of the DiSC circle in continuous […]

Developing Your Virtual Teamwork Skills

When was the last time you did a virtual teamwork check-in? Employees that lack effective virtual teamwork skills threaten both the trajectory of their organization’s recovery and the success of long-term remote and flexible work. Teams are comprised of individuals, each of whom needs the skills to make effective teamwork a success. And we know […]

The Lifecycle of Job Fit

Can you spot a job fit challenge? Even when you identify an employee that may seem suitable for a job, their performance or motivations may change over time. This means another available job at your company could be the right move for an employee who no longer fits his or her current position—or who could […]

The Rising Need for Agile Organizations

“Agility” is more than a buzzword in the workplace today; it’s a requirement. The need for agile organizations continues to increase. But how do organizations meet this rising need? The answer starts with developing the emotional intelligence of your workforce. Perhaps you’ve even begun to do this already, through more human-focused hiring and flattening the […]

Why Job Fit Matters

Why should you care about Job Fit? Every human being is motivated and driven by different influences. Job Fit outlines the unique job-related qualities that make a person productive. So Job Fit matters a great deal for your organizational health and functionality. Studies show that proper Job Fit improves engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in […]

The Five Behaviors White Paper

Fundamentally, effective #Teamwork requires us to be vulnerable. That means sharing our opinions, freely debating ideas with colleagues, holding one another accountable, and knowing when to ask for help and when to say we’re sorry. But avoiding tension, conflict, and difficult conversations can stunt a team’s growth, especially when the groundwork of trust—where mistakes can […]

PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification

What organization doesn’t want to hire the best people and retain their existing talent? It’s great when everything aligns, when you have the right number of chairs AND the right person in each one! Consistent and effective hiring practices are vital to achieve this kind of seamless organizational structure. #ToolsforSuccess For organizations seeking to improve […]