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Everything DiSC Management

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” – John Maxwell

Everything DiSC® Management

It’s no secret great managers and leaders are typically surrounded by great team members. However, to get the most out of your team, you need to be able to inspire the best from of each team member. Building a solid relationship with your direct reports is a great place to start. When each individual is motivated to perform at their best, your team has the potential to perform at its as well. Here are three ways leveraging Everything DiSC® Management can help you build solid relationships, while supporting your team in delivering their best results.

Discover Your Management Style

One of the incredible advantages of Everything DiSC® Management is, in addition to understanding each team member better, you’ll learn more about yourself and your management/communication style. It will help you take an empowered look into the mirror to understand your personality traits. Understanding your tendencies and what works, and doesn’t work for you, when it comes to how you lead each team member. This increased awareness can help you communicate more effectively and impact-fully. Everything DiSC® Management is focused on supporting you in managing your one-to-one relationships – beginning with you!  Understanding ourselves as leaders, can support us in being the type of leader each team member needs to support them in achieving their greatest potential.

Motivation and Development

In addition to building individual relationships and communication skills, you’ll understand how your behavioral preferences have a direct influence on your team’s work environment. It is a leader’s responsibility to create an environment where individual and collective motivation thrives. To do this effectively it is important to understand the motivational needs of each team member; what motivates and demotivates them, how do they like to be recognized, how do they deal with conflict; what does support look like for them? Once you have answered these questions, you will be well equipped to tailor your approach to maximizing their development.

Directing and Delegating

With this foundation of understanding, you will be able to direct and delegate tasks more effectively. You’ll understand your team’s priorities and preferences, how to advocate and get buy-in, and even how to approach conflict in a way that is productive versus destructive. You’ll be able to recognize their reactions and adjust your approach when necessary, supporting them in navigating through conflict in a way that adds value, fosters collective contribution and inspires responsible risk-taking.

Everything DiSC® Management is the easiest and most comprehensive way to bring out the best in your leadership and your team. Learn more about Everything DiSC® Management and get a free consultation by calling 1-800-351-3129 today. Improve your leadership skills and get the most out of your team with Everything DiSC® Management.