Lower Employee Stress By Listening

Wiley surveyed 4,500 working professionals from a variety of industries in July 2021 to find out what organizations can do to help employees maintain a healthy balance and lower their stress levels.

58% of people surveyed currently experience the benefit of having regular listening sessions with leaders. When leaders reach out and listen, people report feeling less stressed. Team members want to feel heard and acknowledged for their unique needs and contributions and will, in turn, be more committed to their work. We can all agree it makes a big difference when we feel the leaders in our organization care about what happens to us and invest time into making our work life better. Although listening sessions can be time consuming, they send a clear signal to your employees that you value them.

Leaders, are you prioritizing time to listen?

Read more about the top 5 policies correlated to lower employee stress in Wiley’s latest eBook – #DM us for a copy: MDR: Contact Us

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Wiley research on employee stress

The Policies Every Organization Should Consider to Minimize Employee Stress

For its latest eBook, How to Navigate the Great Resignation, Wiley asked questions about what policies organizations have in place and examined the impact that those policies have on reported stress levels. They discovered some compelling insights about which organizational policies have the biggest impact on lowering employee stress levels.

One of these policies is Additional PTO & Mental Health Days.
32% of people surveyed currently experience this benefit.
The pandemic highlighted mental health in the workforce in a way we’ve never seen before. According to Wiley’s research, providing additional PTO and mental health days had the strongest impact on lowering stress levels for employees at the height of the pandemic and continues to play an important role in lowering stress moving forward, so it’s surprising that only 32% of respondents said their company modified this policy.

This means organizations that actively prioritize, discuss, and cater to its employees’ mental health moving forward will be in a better position to retain and attract top talent.

Reflect on if your organization implemented or updated this policy in the last year. Want more info on the research? Request your free copy of the eBook from us: www.mdr4you.com

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Giving attention to mental health greatly impacts an organization's culture.

Work/Life Imbalance Causes High Stress in Teams

Although the massive transformation in work environments over the last year and a half should have made for better work/life balance in theory, that’s not exactly how it has played out.

Whether it is a full-on return to the office, a hybrid approach, or something entirely different, these constant changes, paired alongside the extreme stress of the last year+, have caused many people to feel a little out of balance.

And as you can imagine, having a bunch of employees who feel as though their work/life balance is off means that your organization is likely suffering the consequences.

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78% of people are experiencing elevated stress levels.

Create a Culture of DiSC as a Certified Workplace Facilitator

Do you already use DiSC in your organizational operations and/or as part of your onboarding practices? What if you could facilitate DiSC yourself, in house?

Online courses for the next Everything DiSC Workplace Certification start on September 14. Discover how to apply the Everything DiSC Workplace reports to daily interactions, and be able to customize the Everything DiSC Workplace program to meet the specific needs of YOUR organization. Plus a lot more!

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ED Product Brochure – Workplace Certification

Everything DiSC Continued Education

Each Everything DiSC on Catalyst learning experience starts with our best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace® application. From there, learners can continue their DiSC journey with Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™.

Have you already become familiar with your DiSC style, but maybe you’re interested in continuing your DiSC education?

Agile EQ, for instance, can help you learn to recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to you, and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in your approach to social and emotional situations. MDR: Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Learn more about all the DiSC solutions: MDR: Everything DiSC Solutions

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Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Agile EQ

How to Navigate The Great Resignation – A New eBook from Everything DiSC

Here’s the deal – things have changed in the workplace. WE have changed, as a workforce. And that can be a good thing.

Not only are employees reviewing how their organization has handled the pandemic from a people-perspective, but they’re also deciding if their organization’s future of work policies match their needs. In fact, a recent study by Microsoft indicated that over 40% of the global workforce would be willing to leave their job this year.

Maybe now you are thinking, “Okay, well what exactly should I do to create a more people-centered culture, so my employees want to stay?” It would be the right question!

Learn more and find the answer by requesting your free copy of the latest eBook from Everything DiSC – Keep Your People: How to Navigate The Great Resignation.

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Creating a people-first culture

Everything DiSC: The Truth Speaker

The Truth Speaker is a straight shooter and confident thinker. They are willing to question inferior ideas and give critical feedback. And if they don’t come right out and tell you what they’re thinking? Don’t worry…their body language will let you know!

Are you a truth speaker at work?
How do we best leverage the strengths of a Truth Speaker in tandem with say, an Ad-Libber?

With the awareness and understanding that comes with using Everything DiSC on Catalyst…

The Truth-Speaker becomes less closed-off and more open to others’ ideas, willing to consider a variety of thoughts and input. Meanwhile, The Ad-Libber takes a more realistic view of the situation, exercising more perceptive judgment in the strengths and abilities of others.

Learn more about each style, how they can work together, and the power of DiSC:
Everything DiSC Office of Unicorns

Reach out to us to get started and learn your own DiSC style. We’ve got in-person AND virtual options: MDR: Everything DiSC Workplace

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Everything DiSC: The Truth Speaker

DiSC As a Framework for Better Relationships

There are many examples of ways Everything DiSC should and shouldn’t be used in the workplace (or in general). DiSC gives us a framework for understanding behavior, but the real value of DiSC is not just in knowing a person’s DiSC style—it goes much deeper than that. It’s about relationships.

The real magic happens when DiSC becomes part of an organizational culture where people have open dialogue about their priorities and preferences and use DiSC as a springboard for discussion. This dialogue is an opportunity to learn more about a person’s style, and then figure out ways to adapt to their needs. Because DiSC is used as a catalyst for conversation—versus a tool to categorize people—it becomes more about growing and building effective working relationships. Beyond this, learners are empowered to take what they learn from DiSC and #Stretch outside their comfort zone, manage their team more effectively, or actively improve their emotional intelligence, depending on which solution is being applied. And that’s when we see real, lasting growth for organizations and individuals alike.

Have you checked out our DiSC resources and solutions yet?
MDR: Everything DiSC Training

Do’s and Don’t’s of DiSC
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The Value of DiSC

The Do’s and Don’t’s of DiSC

It’s true that Everything DiSC has the power to be a culture catalyst by starting each learner on the path from personalized insights to real behavior change. But achieving this powerful impact requires the appropriate use of DiSC in the workplace.

While DiSC is a tool that supports a variety of social and emotional contexts in the workplace, it’s possible to misuse the tool. Here are some of the biggest mistakes:
– Arguably the most-common misuse of DiSC is “pigeonholing” a person based on their DiSC style. Pigeonholing happens when a person’s abilities are limited or dismissed based on their DiSC style. This results in unfair stereotypes or generalizations. For example, “All C-styles get too bogged down in the details to see the big picture.”
– Using DiSC as an excuse for poor behavior, and a reason not to adapt! Unfortunately, this action often winds up stunting development and encouraging stereotypes, which is the antithesis of what Everything DiSC stands for.

The reality is that the behavior of people with the D, i, S, or C style does not all look the same across the board. There is a lot of variation, even within one DiSC style. That’s why it’s so important to use DiSC as a dialog tool to better understand how your DiSC style influences (or doesn’t influence) the way you work. #DontEncourageStereotypes

Now, let’s talk about DiSC DO’S. Do:

  • Apply a framework for understanding behavioral tendencies.
  • Use as a conversation catalyst to get to know, adapt to, and value others.
  • Instill a common language in an organization.

Authorized Partners for DiSC solutions, like us, are here to help you leverage the tool correctly, so you and your organization can get the most out of your experience!

Check it out and #CallUs if you’re ready for guidance!
MDR: Everything DiSC Solutions

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The importance of understanding DiSC do's and don't's

Everything DiSC Theory

Let’s talk about DiSC theory.
Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different styles and priorities—no one DiSC style better or worse than the next. These differences in style can be extremely valuable.

Although the DiSC dimensions form four distinct styles, it is probably more useful to think of the DiSC circle in continuous terms. Consider that each of the four styles blend into their neighboring styles much the same way that colors blend into one another on the color wheel. So, while there are four distinct styles, because a person can be a blend of styles, Everything DiSC actually encompasses 12 unique DiSC styles.

How well does DiSC actually work?
The Everything DiSC team has been researching and analyzing DiSC for over 40 years. (By the way, you’ll always know it’s the real DiSC by the signature lower-cased “i” in DiSC.)

As technology has evolved, DiSC has too. Online DiSC assessments use the most advanced assessment method (adaptive testing) and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyze a person’s responses and deliver the most precise feedback possible. In my experience the DiSC tools are super easy to understand and just as easy to implement immediately!

If you’re ready to learn more, check out our DiSC tools: MDR: Everything DiSC Solutions
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DiSC Wheel: 12 Unique Styles