Everything DiSC Office of Unicorns: Meet The Strong Starter

Meet The Strong Starter.
The Strong Starter is ambitious and passionate, and becomes energized by having a full plate. Always on the lookout for fresh ideas and opportunities, they love a new project—but they can lose interest once the newness wears off or something shinier comes along!

Do you have a Strong Starter in your organization?
How do you rally these different personalities in order to maximize business outcomes?

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Everything DiSC – Unicorns
Everything DiSC® Workplace© on Catalyst™

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How does The Strong Starter behave when communicating with one of the other Unicorns?

Human Problems Need Human Solutions

Working on social and emotional skills in a virtual workplace may feel a little…complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!

The people parts of work are possible when you engage the help of an Authorized Partner like us. We are a community of experts trained to help your virtual workforce thrive. In business, organizations invest in materials, spaces, in their branding and marketing. Why not invest in your people?

Because human problems need human solutions.

We can help you create a customized Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ learning experience. Customized means that the program will meet the unique needs of your organization, which will result in an immediate and lasting impact on your people!

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Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The world of work requires all of us to stretch outside of our comfort zone every once in a while. How have you stretched lately?

Everything DiSC offers a proven, scientifically validated assessment with a 90%+ accuracy rating. Learners respond to behavioral statements to measure their preferences and tendencies, based on the DiSC model. This is a simple, yet powerful model that describes four basic styles: D (Dominance), i (influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Conscientiousness).

All of the DiSC styles are super important, and without a doubt, your team has people of every style. So, here’s where the growing begins. Once your team members know their tendencies and how they prefer to work with others, they can begin to adjust their individual – and collective – communications and actions. In other words, they will begin to function more cohesively as a team.

Talk about powerful and a maximizer for business outcomes! It starts with people.

DM or #CallMe to learn more about how Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ can help YOU and your team stretch.

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MDR Coaching & Consulting Inc. is an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC.


Office of Unicorns: The Harmonizer

Do you have a Harmonizer in your midst? Meet the Office of Unicorns.

The Harmonizer is the office “rock” – a steady, methodical worker who’s patient, well-liked, and open to hearing everyone express their POV. (Although it might not hurt them to say “no” every once in a while.)

Learn who your Office Unicorns are and how to help them better connect and communicate to achieve desired business outcomes.
Everything DiSC® Workplace© on Catalyst™
Everything DiSC – Unicorns

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MDR Coaching & Consulting Inc. is an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™.

Everything DiSC: The Harmonizer

The Office of Unicorns

Introducing Everything DiSC® Sales

Do you think assessments like Everything DiSC are just leadership tools?
Everything DiSC® can teach professionals in specific departments of your organization how to connect better with their customers, regardless of tenure or industry.

Let’s take #Sales, for instance.
ED Sales is the most in-depth DiSC®-based sales training solution available. Everything DiSC® Sales increases sales effectiveness using the power of DiSC®. Sales professionals learn to communicate better and improve their customer relationships by:
– Understanding their DiSC® sales style
– Identifying and understanding their customer’s DiSC® buying styles
– Adapting their DiSC® sales style to meet their customer’s buying needs

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Remote Work is Here to Stay

As an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC tools, we can help you achieve cohesion as a fully distributed or mixed team. One thing we know for sure is that there’s no better time to invest in your teams, because guess what – remote work is here to stay.

If leaders want to shape an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture, they need people who are engaged, collaborative, and adaptive – people who have those human skills to not only endure the very fluid work world but thrive in it.

Developing these qualities means developing the social and emotional know how of each individual. Soft skill development provides an opportunity for individuals to take all that is amazing (and challenging) about being human and dig deep to learn more about who we are, how we work, and how we relate to those around us. It is more important than ever to explore the details of what makes us human to help us reconnect in this virtual workplace.

Learn more about our tools or #DM us to request a copy of the new eBook. https://lnkd.in/eQPZ55i

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Creating a Culture of DiSC: Workplace Certification June 10

Are you already an #EverythingDiSC fan?
What if you could be well versed in strategies for keeping Everything DiSC alive within your (or anyone else’s) organization and creating a #CultureofDiSC wherever you are?

Our next Everything DiSC® Workplace CERTIFICATION Virtual Training Course begins on June 10, with online pre-work starting June 3! This is entirely self-directed and ends with you in a position to drive Everything DiSC group coaching sessions as a #Facilitator!

Sign Up here or #DMme: https://lnkd.in/gU84cby

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Find out if being a facilitator is right for you: https://www.everythingdisc.com/Certification.aspx

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Meet the Office of Unicorns: The Go-Getter

Meet the Office of Unicorns – not the single-horned, stuff of fairy tales kind of unicorns, but the team-of-magical-people-who-are-capable-of-almost-anything kind! #PeopleMagic

For example, the Go-Getter is vocal and decisive, achievement-oriented, results-driven, and strong-willed, with pedal to the metal at all times. Sound familiar? 🙋‍♀️ They don’t like to rely on others – and they really don’t like slowing down for meetings or (gasp) small talk.

So what happens when teammates with different personality characteristics interact? What happens when the Go-Getter communicates with say, the Careful Consider-er? The Careful Consider-er goes out on a limb, taking risks with decisions. Meanwhile, The Go-Getter does a better job of laying out the information, to prove the benefits of the “knowns” far outweigh the risk of the unknowns.

Reach out to us to learn more about the unicorns and what happens when they tackle problems together!

Or visit the Office of Unicorns here: https://www.everythingdisc.com/unicorns.aspx

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MDR Coaching & Consulting Inc. is an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC.


Create An Office of Unicorns!

Great organizations are great because of their people!
And when you can get the people parts of work right, it’s a huge multiplier for success.

Knowing who your unicorns are and where their magic lies will transform your culture in an incredible way! As an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC tools, we can help with this.
Check it out:

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