An Opportunity to Rebuild: New Hiring in 2021 And Beyond

In a year of considerable uncertainty and profound change for organizations and their employees, one thing is clear: the opportunity to rebuild better structures and processes today will determine the victors of 2021 – and beyond.

Hiring processes that enable organizations to acquire the best talent lay the foundation for a sustained and successful economic recovery, so now is the time to reflect on and revamp how hiring is done. Do you agree?

Organizations must work to promote consistency across managers and departments in the way candidates are assessed, selected, and onboarded. Failure to do so emboldens our biases, undermines hiring managers’ confidence, and renders vital talent outcomes more burdensome than need be!

These are the steps hiring managers and organizations can take to improve their decision-making and bolster their confidence in their ability to find the right people for the job every time. The stakes are simply too high—in the short- and long-term—to do otherwise. Objective, data-driven hiring managers, along with consistent hiring practices across organizations, can yield the fairness and structure hiring managers want and the confidence and outcomes organizations need to recover faster and thrive in the year ahead.

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Consistency in Hiring Leads to Better Outcomes

How often do you hear that you should “go with your gut” when making big decisions?

Roughly two-thirds (65%) of hiring managers have said they rely more on their instinct than data when deciding who to hire. This makes sense, BUT, it also makes fairness more elusive. Instincts don’t lead to consistency in hiring.

Without realizing it, relying on our intuition in making quick decisions—which is often the case, given demands on managers’ time—means we fall back on our biases and inconsistencies thrive. PXT Select can help you achieve consistency in your hiring, which will lead to better outcomes in your organization.

If we don’t factor in the data—which is, after all, heavily relied upon in all other aspects of decision-making—on what basis are hiring managers really making consequential talent decisions?

With PXT Select, hone your hiring process without losing the human touch.
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PXT Select State of Hiring: Onboarding

In this hybrid remote work landscape, consider the task of training someone new in the workflow, processes, and systems of the organization. Sharing such knowledge virtually can be tricky, especially when the absence of shared office space means managers and employees have difficulty identifying and rectifying points of misunderstanding or confusion.

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Meaningful Work, A Condition for Hiring Better

Hiring managers try to answer the question, “Is this the right
person for the job,” without asking the additional questions, “Can they do the job? How do they do the job? Would they enjoy doing this job?”

More human-centered hiring starts with matching candidates to positions they’re likely to succeed in and enjoy. It’s not an “either-or” situation. It’s a “both at the same time” situation!

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Why is Finding the Right People So Hard?

I think you can agree with me in that a lot depends on selecting and retaining the right people.

On the surface, doing so seems simple enough. But, if that’s the case, why do so many companies struggle with it?

If you feel the pain too and are looking to reduce low-engagement, high-turnover, and loss of productivity, then I invite you to check out our free virtual showcases on PXT Select™.

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PXT Select White Paper: Selecting Talent

#MondayThoughts on Selecting Talent:
Without being able to truly get to know someone, how can you identify the candidate who will be most successful in the long run?

This uncertainty is not only unsettling, but costly too.
To be precise, a bad hire can cost your organization up to 30% of the employee’s first year salary. #Yikes

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Why Employees Fail

What is #JobFit exactly?
Only a small percent of a person’s capabilities and potential can be observed on the surface. Discovering the rest—such as an individual’s Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests—will take some digging.

According to Harvard Business Review, the “Job Fit” approach accurately predicts job success more than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or training.
i.e. While an individual might be a high-performing sales person working for Business X in California, that doesn’t mean that person will perform at the same level in a new role with Business Y in Texas.

Set your teams up right.
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PXT Select State of Hiring: Interviewing Talent

What is your least favorite part of the hiring process?

Since the massive shift to remote work, most hiring managers have conducted virtual interviews at some point. But they’ve reported having trouble knowing what to focus on, or feeling aligned with colleagues on what the requirements should be.

With PXT Select™ you can approach every opening with a solid plan, relying on data, not instinct. #GetToolsHere

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PXT Select™ eBook: Mending the Engagement Gap

Here’s the deal with employee disengagement…
It’s a hard problem to fix.

Jacob Morgan wrote in Harvard Business Review that although companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on engagement programs, engagement scores remain low—like really low.

The good news is, baby steps today means marathons tomorrow!
With PXT Select™, you can nail job fit, managerial fit, AND culture fit.

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