From Bad to Badass Leader

12 Leadership Lessons

Author & CEO Michelle D. Reines

Michelle is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, CEO, and an ever-evolving badass leader. Her book, From Bad to Badass Leader, is about her journey and lessons learned while progressing from being an ass as a boss, in pursuit of becoming a badass leader.  How she defines “Badass” is, being intentional about who she wants and needs to be as a leader.  Early, in her leadership journey, she was oblivious to the impact she had on people!  She didn’t understand the art of leading people and building badass teams; the people-part can be the most challenging for many leaders; it certainly was for her.  She’s excited to share her lessons learned, in hopes of provoking you to awaken the badass leader within; learn how to transform yourself, your team, and your organization.

Michelle is a Strategic Interventionist, certified by the man of transformation himself, Tony Robbins; and his partner Cloe Madanes. Prior launching MDR in 2012, she enjoyed a 30+ year corporate career working with, turning-around, coaching, stretching and developing a variety of high-performance, badass cohesive teams.  Today, not only is she an author and creator of the Badass Leader brand, she is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., a leadership development company. Michelle is manically committed to continuous improvement, and to, quite frankly, be badass…as a woman, a leader, and an entrepreneur!

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3 Benefits of Hiring your own Executive Coach

Hire an Executive Coach

As an executive, your employees look to you to help them level-up their workplace game. You help them navigate through various situations, role-play, develop, coach and support them in growing their careers.  So, who do you turn to when you need to work on a few mechanics, sharpen your leadership game, gain some effective feedback – have someone challenge your thinking, or just have a someone to confide in? Most top performing professional athletes have coaches; successful leaders need coaches too!  There are numerous benefits to hiring an executive coach, here are three benefits I hear most often from clients:

#1 – “I am NOT alone!”

Your coach is your sounding-board, someone to confide in – outside of friends and family, plus they are someone who is external to your organization.  Lots of clients have shared how lonely it can feel at the executive level, and how beneficial it is for them to be able to share their fears, struggles and/or ambitions with their coach with the utmost confidence.  Many executives choose to hold-in what keeps them up at night, for fear of burdening loved ones or worrying peers – a coach is a safe place to decompress and share your challenges and aspirations – you are not alone.

#2 – “I have a renewed fire, focus, and flow!”

Few of my clients have been in their current roles or companies for several years, many of them know every operational in and out there is – when they wanted to reignite their passion for their role – they looked to hire an executive coach.  I have had the privilege of coaching many leaders over the years and they shared, how our relationship supported them in reigniting and maintaining their fire, focus, and flow.  In the midst of today’s fast-paced, stressful business climates, our partnership served to create a healthy anchor for them – supporting a healthy mindset, igniting their motivation and refocusing their priorities, leading to improved organizational well-being and performance.

#3 – “I create a more powerful impact as a leader!”

I enjoy bearing witness to this benefit frequently, in fact, the purpose that drives my organization forward is rooted in supporting my clients in creating this for themselves, their teams and organizations; it is incredibly rewarding to support clients in creating a positive impact for their people, teams, and companies.  Let’s face it, when leadership improves, the trickle-down is a very rewarding and powerful multiplier!  It can’t go without saying, the opposite is unfortunately also true – that is why I always encourage starting our work at the executive level – with our very own leadership mirror, building our impact “internally” first.

There are many benefits to hiring an executive coach – we look forward to supporting you in discovering and achieving your own benefits. MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is here to help – contact us today to schedule your free consultation at 1-800-351-3129.

Leadership Development Resolutions: Build Your Own Rocket

Making new plans Stan? No need to be coy Roy…are great lyrics! But really, what’s your leadership development plan to take it to the next level in 2019?

Historically, I have always cultivated my “personal best” when I have a leadership development plan; what does that mean?  I am a passionate believer in Steven Covey’s Habit of Sharpening the Saw.  I have found I achieve more when I have crafted my leadership development road-map for success, specifically focused on maximizing my leadership strengths. Let’s face it, your team needs you to be the best possible version of you, especially if you are hoping to bring out the best in them.  There are many things to think about when creating your leadership development plan, it requires an honest assessment of your current leadership performance, as well as a thorough understanding of your team – who do you need to be as a leader to bring out the best in them?

Being a great leader starts by taking an honest look at yourself in the mirror, plus asking colleagues and team members for productive input, whereby gaining a better understanding of your current leadership reality. Spend some time reflecting on the last year and consider your successes, as well as any short-falls. What worked? What didn’t and why? Any lessons learned you want to carry forward? After reflecting, here are a few thought-provoking questions to get you started on defining your LDP (Leadership Development Plan):

  • What does success look like, and feel like, for you and your team by the end of 2019?
  • Are you the leader you need to be to take yourself, your team, and organization to the next level?
  • If you could only choose one area of development to focus on – what would be most impactful for you, your team, and your organization? What if you could choose two areas of focus?

  • What do you want to be most proud of?

  • What do you want to do more of or less of?
  • Are you taking care of yourself?
  • What does support look like for you; and how about for your team?

I love this take-away, from reading the book by Astronaut Chris Hadfield, what really matters is not the value someone else assigns to a goal or task, but how you personally feel while accomplishing it!

With your thoughtful, realistic, personal leadership development goal defined, it’s time to craft your road map for success.
#BuildYourOwnRocket #ElevateYourGame
MDR is always here to support you in successfully elevating your game, call today for a Free Consultation.

Bring out the BEST in your Team with Everything DiSC® Management

Everything DiSC Management

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” – John Maxwell

Everything DiSC® Management

It’s no secret great managers and leaders are typically surrounded by great team members. However, to get the most out of your team, you need to be able to inspire the best from of each team member. Building a solid relationship with your direct reports is a great place to start. When each individual is motivated to perform at their best, your team has the potential to perform at its as well. Here are three ways leveraging Everything DiSC® Management can help you build solid relationships, while supporting your team in delivering their best results.

Discover Your Management Style

One of the incredible advantages of Everything DiSC® Management is, in addition to understanding each team member better, you’ll learn more about yourself and your management/communication style. It will help you take an empowered look into the mirror to understand your personality traits. Understanding your tendencies and what works, and doesn’t work for you, when it comes to how you lead each team member. This increased awareness can help you communicate more effectively and impact-fully. Everything DiSC® Management is focused on supporting you in managing your one-to-one relationships – beginning with you!  Understanding ourselves as leaders, can support us in being the type of leader each team member needs to support them in achieving their greatest potential.

Motivation and Development

In addition to building individual relationships and communication skills, you’ll understand how your behavioral preferences have a direct influence on your team’s work environment. It is a leader’s responsibility to create an environment where individual and collective motivation thrives. To do this effectively it is important to understand the motivational needs of each team member; what motivates and demotivates them, how do they like to be recognized, how do they deal with conflict; what does support look like for them? Once you have answered these questions, you will be well equipped to tailor your approach to maximizing their development.

Directing and Delegating

With this foundation of understanding, you will be able to direct and delegate tasks more effectively. You’ll understand your team’s priorities and preferences, how to advocate and get buy-in, and even how to approach conflict in a way that is productive versus destructive. You’ll be able to recognize their reactions and adjust your approach when necessary, supporting them in navigating through conflict in a way that adds value, fosters collective contribution and inspires responsible risk-taking.

Everything DiSC® Management is the easiest and most comprehensive way to bring out the best in your leadership and your team. Learn more about Everything DiSC® Management and get a free consultation by calling 1-800-351-3129 today. Improve your leadership skills and get the most out of your team with Everything DiSC® Management.

Save the Drama for Effective Meetings!

How many times have you sat in a meeting thinking, “this is such a waste of time”? Chances are, you’re not alone. Many people sitting around the conference table probably feel the same way. Bad meetings can create disengagement and fuel team dysfunction, frustration and even lead to passive-aggressive power playing and posturing – oh sign me up – no thanks!  So, how do you right the ship and go from bad, useless meetings to effective meetings that are productive?

Effective Meetings


It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, meetings are essential to team alignment and productivity, they’re a cog in the wheel that keeps a business going. Meetings keep teams alert, informed and connected, so you have to have them. The key is to make them interesting, relevant and effective and not boring-snoring!

Mine for Conflict, Yep – Add a Little Drama!

Texting, checking email, spinning pencils, faces in hands, and doodling are all signs that you’re in a snoring meeting. To mix it up, add a little drama to your meetings. This drama can come in the form of productive conflict. We are not encouraging an MMA Fight – but a healthy productive debate is invigorating and stimulating! I love how Patrick Lencioni in his book DEATH by Meeting, talks about The Hook. If you lose people in the first 10 minutes of your meeting you’re through – the key is to give them a reason to engage and to care! Talk about the most controversial and important issues at the beginning of the meeting – this will get people engaged and alert during the meeting. Tackling a controversial issue can spark a good conversation and keep team members involved throughout the meeting.

Create Context and Purpose and Structure – Go 4 it!

An effective meeting needs to have context and purpose. You can’t just meet to meet, that’s for the watercooler. So often useless meetings cover everything under the sun and jump from topic to topic, and nothing ever gets solved.  Leaders must make sure that every meeting has a purpose and that everyone attending the meeting is clear on that purpose. To have effective meetings, it takes more meetings. Not necessarily more time in meetings, but more meetings with a clear purpose. Here’s a tip from Pat Lencioni; leaders should actually schedule 4 Meetings – The Daily Check-in, Weekly Tactical, Monthly Strategic, and Quarterly Off-site review.

The DEATH by Meeting Format – 4 Effective Meetings

The Daily Check-in: This effective meeting should be short and sweet, no more than 5-10 minutes each day – I like to refer to them as Huddles.  In fact, attendees shouldn’t even sit for this meeting. Keep it strictly administrative; members should run through schedules and activities.

Weekly Tactical: This effective meeting is a discussion about the week. It should 45-90 minutes and should be a review of weekly activities, metrics, and resolve any obstacles or issues. This is my very favorite meeting – I call this one the Getter-Dun Tactical – where we get traction as a team – organizational momentum is actually palpable!

Monthly Strategic: This effective meeting will be roughly 2- 4 hours each month. It will be a more in-depth discussion on strategy and analysis. Brainstorming and decisions on critical issues will take place during this meeting. Really critical for keeping the train on the rails headed toward the station, creating clarity and alignment around where we are headed!

Quarterly Off-Site Review: Each quarter schedule 1 or 2 days away from the office. This will be a meeting that discusses industry trends, competitive landscape, strategy, personnel and team development – aimed at keeping us relevant and our fingers on the pulse of our business topography.

You can learn more about these effective meeting strategies in the book, DEATH by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni.  MDR uses a variety of resources and development programs to bring drama and momentum to your meeting structure – contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation and put a stop to Snoring-Boring meetings.


Maximize People Performance with Everything DiSC

Leadership GOAL: To bring out the best in my team, maximizing individual and collective success – which leads to maximizing organizational success.

What is your leadership style?

MANAGEMENT PROFILE BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH EMPLOYEE. The Everything DiSC Management Profile uses a research-validated learning model to create a highly personalized learner experience. The profile is management-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help managers become more effective.
EVERYTHING DiSC MANAGEMENT PROFILE FOCUSES ON: • Your DiSC Management Style • Directing and Delegating • Motivating • Developing Others • Working with Your Manager Participants learn about their strengths and challenges as managers and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people they manage—making them more effective managers by Wiley Uses Adaptive Testing for a more interactive & Precise Measurement.

Maximizing Team Engagement

As a leader, one of the critical priorities you should have is to maximize team engagement. Focusing on asking versus telling, is a sure-fire way to ignite engagement at the individual and team level. To help individuals and teams grow and thrive, you must provide an environment that inspires collaboration, and evokes passionate contribution toward collective outcomes.

Know Yourself

Like engagement, disengaged teams are your results as a leader, yep your mirror. Disengagement is expensive when it comes to impact on money, time, resources, stress, damaged reputation and client attrition, just to name a few –  and in the most extreme cases can even put you out of business overnight. So maximizing team engagement is not just a nice to have it is a need to have – the good news is, you can change it and influence a better outcome – it begins with you knowing yourself. Knowing what’s working, not working and what you need to do differently to maximize team engagement.

Know your People

Knowing your people is key, and leveraging their strengths, inviting weigh-in to elicit greater buy-in; connecting with your teams to understand their goals, ambitions, passions – what makes them feel valued and inspired.  These internal motivators a.k.a. their emotional currency are great accelerators to fostering higher levels of team engagement, then be sure to pay them in their preferred emotional currency – regularly.

Reaping the Benefits of Team Engagement

Engaged teams create engaged customers, healthy more productive, great places to work, greater profitability, fewer risks and more exciting possibilities for growth and success. Isn’t that the type of culture we all aspire to be a part of and as leaders we should foster?

It begins with you, learn more about Maximizing Engagement through Leadership Development today!

GREAT Leadership Elicits GREATNESS. What do you elicit?

I love this quote:

“The task of great leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it; for the greatness is already there!” -John Buchan

Leadership is not a rank, or title, anyone can be a leader – regardless of position. Each one of us has been touched by a leader, perhaps it was a community leader, coach, boss, parent; school teacher, spiritual advisor, athlete; celebrity, a hero or a friend.  I have been and continue to be inspired by several incredible leaders throughout my life, however, the first for me was my 5th grade teacher Mr. Jerry Linkhart; he stirred my emotions and captured my attention; I hung onto his every word – Mr. Linkhart was the first to elicit possibility in me.  Throughout my professional career, I have had the good fortune of working for and alongside some of the greatest leaders I have ever known, I credit them for having elicited the best out of me and having inspired me to help other leaders.  They didn’t make life easy for me, they challenged me to step-up, to think differently, embrace what was possible, especially when I was feeling it was impossible.  Over time they replaced the opposing voice inside of my head with, “you can do this, you got this, I believe in you”.  They expected more, not less and gave me tough feedback – with care.  Yes, with care, the art of feedback and coaching is doing it with care, knowing your players, your team, your partners, or clients and being able to deliver the right feedback, at the right time and in the right spirit.  One of my favorite speakers, Simon Sinek said it most accurately for me, “great leaders make us feel safe” and when it comes to effective feedback and coaching – when the people you coach feel safe, they listen and remain open – and it is in those moments that the greatest possibility of eliciting their true potential exists.

So here are some best practices:

  1. Build Trust make those you lead feel safe
  2. Once Trust has been established – engage in productive feedback
  3. Evoke greatness through open, honest and caring feedback
  4. Praise progress
  5. Repeat (Steps 2-4 often)

I love this truism and have used it often, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Now go forth and elicit greatness!

Contact MDR to learn more about how The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team can help you start building trust, cohesion and eliciting greatness on your team today!

Building Success with a Cohesive Team

When you think about it, do you have a truly cohesive team? So often we all get stuck in a rut, where we go about our daily tasks and forget about what really makes a successful team. There are Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ (credit Patrick Lencioni); Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, Results – and their interplay is what really leads to the cohesiveness of any team.

When thinking of a pyramid, each behavior layers on a base for the next, building off each other toward the top, which is the goal for any business – results.


At the foundation of any relationship is TRUST. This trust goes beyond trusting your team to do their jobs. Members of any team or relationship should feel comfortable being transparent and honest with one another. Without this crucial layer, your team will crumble.


When it comes to ideas, it does not pay to have a team that just says yes. The best ideas are forged from debate and conflict where everyone contributes their side and perspective. The idea will be stronger and you’ll be surprised that your relationship will also be stronger as a result of healthy and respectful debate.


The entire team must commit to every decision. By trusting your team members, they’ll feel comfortable giving their opinion and debating their ideas and will commit to the conclusion. If every team member has a voice in a decision, you’ll have total commitment.


A team that trusts each other will hold each other and themselves accountable to execute a plan of action that everyone on the team has committed too.


The results are end-goal of the team. When all of the elements of a cohesive team are combined, it leads to winning results. When good results are achieved your team is more motivated to stick together, working toward continued success.

Building a genuinely cohesive team is not an easy task, but boy is it ever a worthwhile one. Everyone must be in line with these five behaviors to achieve successful, long-term relationships. Learn more about these behaviors and how you can apply them to your business here. Contact MDR, an Authorized partner for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, for more information.