PXT Select State of Hiring: Interviewing Talent

What is your least favorite part of the hiring process?

Since the massive shift to remote work, most hiring managers have conducted virtual interviews at some point. But they’ve reported having trouble knowing what to focus on, or feeling aligned with colleagues on what the requirements should be.

With PXT Select™ you can approach every opening with a solid plan, relying on data, not instinct. #GetToolsHere

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PXT Select™ eBook: Mending the Engagement Gap

Here’s the deal with employee disengagement…
It’s a hard problem to fix.

Jacob Morgan wrote in Harvard Business Review that although companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on engagement programs, engagement scores remain low—like really low.

The good news is, baby steps today means marathons tomorrow!
With PXT Select™, you can nail job fit, managerial fit, AND culture fit.

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PXT Select™ State of Hiring: Recruiting Talent

It should come as no surprise that hiring can be difficult.
For hiring managers especially, it can be demanding, time-consuming, and resource-sucking.

Hiring the right people is a high-stakes task which can create longer-term consequences in terms of the productivity and cohesiveness of a team. #DoItRight #GetTools

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PXT Select™ Sample Report: Leadership

One of the great challenges of identifying leaders with the potential for success is looking beyond the sum of their job experience to truly understand the approach they’ll bring to guiding their teams and shaping their organizations. Agree?

This report is designed to shed light on a particular candidate’s #LeadershipPotential and provide insight into how he/she/they might confront the complexities of a leadership role. Incredible, right?

Read this full sample report here:
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The State of Hiring White Paper from PXT Select™: Crisis Creates Opportunity

All the events of 2020 have necessitated a complete reimagining of “business as usual.” Do you agree?

Organizations need to rebuild their systems and practices, for the long-haul. But if this hectic time has taught us anything, it’s that >> Crisis Creates Opportunity.

The new State of Hiring white paper from PXT Select™ brings us unprecedented insight into what hiring managers are facing in a time unlike any other.

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Engagement: The Key to Achieving Organizational Outcomes

How would you evaluate current engagement levels in your organization?

A low engagement rate will cost you dearly both in your culture and your business results.

Organizations need to engage their managers first, so that managers can, in turn, engage their employees.
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We’ve heard it before — people leave their managers, not necessarily their jobs.
How can PXT Select™ help you choose the right managers, increase their engagement levels, and teach them how to pass that fire along to their teams?

#TurnUrShipAround Learn more –

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PXT Select For Happy, Engaged Teams

How do you create happy, healthy teams?

Is it a struggle for you?


With changes in work environments around the world, the state of hiring has also changed. Managers agree that employee happiness and engagement is of upmost importance, but they don’t know how to get there.


We can help.

PXT Select is an incredible tool for measuring job fit and helping you determine who it is you’re looking for!


We’ve got showcases, tools, freebies and more! Check it out:




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PXT Select for Job Fit: Now Showing

Right person. Right chair. 👨‍💻
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Using a composite score from the areas of thinking style, behavior traits, and interests, PXT Select gives you a data-driven marker for determining if the person fits the chair.

The proof is in the pudding so to speak. 😉

We’ve got the tools, including free on-demand showcases, so that you can get a sense of the immense value of this tool.
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PXT Select NEW Virtual Showcase: How to Build High Performance Sales Teams

Imagine the impact your sales team could have if you know everyone is in the job that’s totally right for them!

MDR Leadership Academy is now serving up this complimentary virtual showcase event on PXT Select: How to Build High Performance Sales Teams.

No matter how you spin it, employer/employee breakups are the worst, and poor job fit is the number one reason employees leave their jobs. #Bust #JobFitIsKey

Ensuring your people have the natural talents to successfully perform the job they’re hired for can be a hugely positive impact on performance and productivity. #RockOn

Tune in to the showcase here:

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The State of Hiring: A PXT Select Report

Insights into the challenges and opportunities more than 3K hiring managers are facing in a year unlike any other? #YesPlease #GetSupport #InformedDecisions

Get your State of Hiring white paper here: https://www.pxtselect.com/LandingPages/state-of-hiring.aspx

Wanna check out even more reports on PXT Select™ and assess how good your own hiring game is?
We got you.

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