Make PXT Select Part of Your Talent Strategy

The time for organizations to rebuild—BETTER than before—is now.

A great place to start is with your teams – do you have the right people in the right jobs? #PeopleScience

PXT Select™ helps translate Job Fit into an optimized overall talent strategy. And guess what? A guided talent strategy will help you avoid hiring bias! #HireBetterHireSmarter

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PXT Select Success Story

Have periods of growth in your business led to issues of talent disruption and high turnover?

Isn’t it ideal that your team be able to adapt and develop WITH your organization?

A+ Credit Federal Credit Union encountered their own issues with the people part of scalability, and they turned to PXT Select for help. Read more success stories like this, and consider how much you intend to invest in the future of your business AND its greatest assets! #People1st

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PXT Select: One Investment, A World of Difference

PXT Select™ – This one investment unlocks access to up to 16 reports. And you know what else it does?

– Maximizes an individual’s contribution to your organization #GameChanger
– Helps fill in the gap between the resume and the interview
– Provides you with actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format
– Helps you to interview better and hire smarter

Ready to say #YesPlease?

Have you checked out MDR Leadership Academy for events and courses?

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MDR is an Authorized Partner of PXT Select™.


PXT Select Employee Reports

Curious about what kind of insight you can get from one employee assessment?

Here’s a snapshot.
The PXT Select assessment helps organizations get a ‘full person’ view of candidates by assessing their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests.

With the right people working in the right roles and developed to their full potential, imagine what you could do!

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