Why Choose PXT Select?

Today’s companies have access to more technologies, resources, and data than ever. But many managers still rely on instinct rather than data when making hiring decisions.

Although there are many tools to help organizations learn about a person: resumes, past performance, learned skills and experience, education, training, structured job interviews, and background checks, none of these alone can help predict an individual’s future performance.

So what other kinds of data about potential hires can be helpful?

One of the key areas PXT Select examines is Thinking Style. This refers to data about a candidate’s cognitive ability and how they analyze and communicate information. Behavioral Traits is a portion of the assessment that aims to determine what candidates bring to the table, their level of awareness, and how willing they are to work with or past their traits. Finally, the assessment measures a candidate’s interests, which will help inform what job they are best suited for.

PXT Select™ assessments provide a validated process for establishing job fit—helping organizations understand people at a deeper level and predict future job success. Learn more by reaching out to us to get a free sample report: https://mdr4you.com/contact-us.html

Success Story: Building Vulnerability-Based Trust in a Team

Rather than avoid conflict and risk creating an environment of false harmony, where there is little trust or accountability, why not work on being vulnerable as a team, admitting our weaknesses, and rising together to accomplish organizational goals?

Easier said than done, we know, but with practice, leaders can create the safe space their team needs to address any tension, have the necessary conversations, engage in productive conflict, and hold each other accountable.

Once a team discovers the high impact that vulnerability-based trust has both at work and in their daily lives, the results can be transformational. As a leader, you have the opportunity to impact your organization’s culture and its bottom line, at the same time! Because trusting teams, vulnerable teams, and accountable teams will kick ass and achieve incredible results.

These tools are relevant for any type of team. Check out this success story from Total Construction, for example.

An Australia-based construction company, Total Construction was accustomed to aggressive internal competition. The team was without a doubt talented, but trying to outperform each other caused them to underperform as a group. “As a construction company, we spend so much time building the project, but not building the team that builds the project,” said CEO Jeff Jones.

Read more of their story here: 5Bs Success Story: Total Construction

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Simon Sinek: What does it look like to foster trust and vulnerability in a professional setting?

Vulnerability is a strength 💪

For many leaders, there is an expectation that they always act like everything is safe and certain, that they always have all the answers. But this behavior is inauthentic and creates a false sense of harmony in an organization. Under the surface, your people won’t have the courage to speak up, and there won’t be accountability or trust.

Owning up to challenges, acknowledging uncertainty, and fostering honest, vulnerable dialogue will ultimately build a trusting, cohesive team and a synergistic environment of support. Your team will rise to challenges, share information, and engage in productive conflict. Vulnerability will move the needle for results. #EncourageVulnerability

Simon Sinek: What does it look like to foster trust and vulnerability in a professional setting?

Embracing and Leveraging Team Conflict

While you may think conflict at work is a bad thing, it is in fact a highly effective tool for cohesive teams. When teams have a foundation of trust, they are more engaged and willing to collaborate to find a way forward. Without fear of rubbing each other the wrong way, healthy, trusting teams can share opinions freely, disagree with other team members, and talk through conflicts in order to find solutions.

Conflict is a key tenet of the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams. Teams who have experienced The Five Behaviors report that their working environments are safer and more enjoyable, and that as a consequence of the training, employee engagement has increased along with productivity.

Rethink your teamwork approach by leveraging this model. Call or DM us to learn more: MDR: Contact Us and keep an eye out for our next free virtual showcase: MDR: The Five Behaviors Virtual Showcases

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Who’s creating your thriving, agile culture?

Leaders and teams, let’s do a spot check.
Is your organization experiencing stellar “aha” moments, rather than “ugh” ones?
Is there collaboration, trust, and a supportive environment in which to stretch beyond your comfort zones?

Give a shout-out to those teammates, leaders, and direct reports who are #KillingIt at work today to create a cohesive and thriving culture!

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PXT Select: The Human Side of Selection

True or False: An organization is only as good as its people.

How do employ selection practices to ensure you don’t just hire good people, but the right people for your needs? How do you engage them, and how do you align them with your vision and direction?

PXT Select™ is the human side of talent selection.
Join the 42,000+ organizations worldwide, in 93+ countries, who have implemented this tool!


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MDR Coaching & Consulting is an Authorized Partner of PXT Select™.


Everything DiSC Virtual Showcase February 18

Your team isn’t full of clones! They are diverse personalities with individual strengths, and they have varying communication styles.

The next FREE Everything DiSC® Virtual Showcase is February 18 at 10:00am CT! Join us to learn how to leverage this tool for engaging your teams and creating stronger workplace dynamics.

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™: TRUST

Did you know?

TRUST is the glue that’s needed to hold your team together.

How do you achieve it and achieve success & results in the process?

There’s a reason that trust is the first and most important of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ model!

Find out more & check out some free resources here:


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The Five Behaviors Virtual Showcase February 19

So many workplace tools, so little time.
How do you decide which one is right?

Check out this complimentary showcase on The Five Behaviors® on February 19. This solution combines a powerful team model with personalized insights to teach participants the critical behaviors and interpersonal skills needed to be effective team players on any team.

This virtual event is FREE, it’s FULL of information, and, did we mention that it’s FREE?

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