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Create High-Performing Teams With This Tool

High-performing teams are not luck of the draw, but they’re intentionally cultivated and shaped around shared goals and values. The Five Behaviors is a hierarchy of behaviors that when implemented, creates a team cohesion that will drive performance. Because the dynamics of a great team are largely the same, no matter your industry.

An effective team starts with a baseline of TRUST, and is one where your people can have productive debates and accountability without it destroying relationships or culture. Once you have a trusting team that can step outside their comfort zones, you can rally and motivate them around collective goals and outcomes, achieving a level of buy-in far beyond what you would have before.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - Model Pyramid (from bottom to top): Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results

Each stage of the Five Behaviors model or pyramid makes the next stage easier. From trust, to conflict, to commitment, to accountability, working through these first four stages together will equip your people with the skills and practice to overcome challenges and ultimately align to goals, achieving the final stage: results.

One of the greatest challenges to any team is the inattention to what it takes to achieve results. Bringing together everyone’s different personalities and work styles can be a challenge, but the payoff will be well worth the investment.

Having cohesive, high-performing teams is probably one of your greatest competitive advantages as an organization, so why not make it more of a focus?

As an authorized partner for the 5Bs, I can help you apply the personal development solution to your individual employees, or we can leverage the team development solution for empowering your already intact teams to work better together.

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