Do You Need a Check-up From the Exec-up?

Customized Leadership Training & Development ProgramsAs leaders, it’s our job to keep our organization’s health in tip-top condition, and we’re not just talking about the numbers; it’s about the health and morale of our people.  The impact this has is massive, especially when it comes to maximizing overall organizational health, brand experience, and performance.

I wholeheartedly believe, the healthiest organizations are healthy at the top, their teams are not only succeeding on the balance sheet, they are walking-their-talk from a people performance and customer impact perspective and, yes, they are absolutely cohesive!

Let’s face it, if your leadership team is manned by unhealthy, unchecked egos, or by those who manage with a top-down autocratic approach, your team has to be suffering from pretty unhealthy symptoms like – low morale, higher employee turnover, dysfunctional conflict; increased customer complaints and dissatisfaction just to name a few – so, what’s that costing you?

I know first-hand, how hard it can be to look into the mirror as a leader and choose to start there.  I learned this lesson the hard way and almost too little – too late in the early days of my career as a leader.  I clearly was the problem; yep, I was the common denominator when it came to what wasn’t working with my team.  The reality of that was crushing – WOW, I was the problem!?!  It was how I led specifically, that set the tone for anything and everything that wasn’t working for my team and my business.  That realization was the worst tasting humble pie I ever had to choke down, and ultimately was the greatest gift I ever received.  I completely understand that it takes GUTS to look into the mirror and evaluate ourselves first – but I promise, it has the potential to be the most powerful decision you ever make.  The really great news in all of this is – when you impact organizational health that much – you can also recover and get your organization healthy…yes, it’s gonna take some work, vulnerability, collaboration and perhaps a serving or two of humble pie, but in the end – the summit is so worth the effort of the climb!

How Do I Know If We Are Healthy?

Leaders who work well together – have a solid foundation of trust, regularly engage in meaningful, productive conflict – are actually more committed and much more likely to be mutually accountable and focused on collective results.  They are surely winning the race and edging out the competition in both economic and human capital currency, and, no doubt having a lot more fun in the process!  Teams with these dynamics truly enjoy a competitive advantage and make leadership fun, rewarding and profitable for themselves and their organizations – and in return, their teams feel valued, they engage with you, each other and your customers. If this doesn’t sound like your team, we can help!

Customized Leadership Training Programs – It’s Not A One Size Fits All Solution

Every organization is different, and within that organization, each individual personality is different – especially within a team dynamic. With MDR Coaching & Consulting every engagement begins with a consultation that analyzes the situation from 360 degrees – then we prescribe a customized leadership training solution that will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, for now, and in the future.

Give us a call for a complimentary leadership training consultation – let’s get busy designing a development program that works for you and your team.