Engage Your Teams with Groups on Catalyst

By teaching people more about themselves and others, assessments like Everything DiSC change the way team members communicate and collaborate. And with Catalyst, Everything DiSC’s intuitive and dynamic platform, those transformations come even easier. Groups on Catalyst is a feature that allows learners to seamlessly create groups based on the teams they’re part of. This user-friendly tool is a kind of visual map of your team’s dynamics, and it provides personalized insights and comparisons to teach you how to work better together. A fun and interactive approach to team building, Groups will engage your teams and empower more effective work interactions.

Catalyst supports both classroom and virtual training, so wherever you and your team members are, Groups on Catalyst can accommodate your learning preferences. Additionally, if you want to sharpen your managers’ understanding of their direct reports, Groups will give managers insight into the team dynamics that influence performance. Using Catalyst, managers can learn about the strengths and potential blind spots that exist within their teams.

We must not underestimate the importance of social and emotional skills in the workplace and how interpersonal relationships impact productivity and performance. The power of Catalyst is how it integrates DiSC methodology into the flow of work, making lasting behavior change possible. Once you go DiSC, I promise you, teaming won’t ever be the same again!

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