Hiring and Developing High-Performing Salespeople

The first interaction a potential customer has with your company is often with your sales team. High-performing salespeople will significantly impact your success, and so will bad ones.

Across industries, there has been talk about salespeople becoming irrelevant to the buying process. While it’s true that buyers have access to more information about your business and products than ever before, B2B companies are still seeking help before they make purchasing decisions. A survey conducted by RAIN Group confirms this, finding that 71 percent of B2B buyers preferred to actively engage with sellers for new ideas about how to drive business results. And 62 percent said they seek the advice of sales reps to help problem-solve their challenges.

In addition, filling your funnel with marketing leads won’t yield results unless you have capable people to close those deals. To build a high-performance sales team, you need to know which candidates to hire and insights about the salespeople you already have so you can coach them to their potential.

This new ebook from PXT Select explores the critical role of salespeople, the true cost of underperforming sales teams, and how to use data to predict sales performance and replicate your top players.

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