How Do Workplace Experiences Impact Different Generations?

Recent research from Wiley Workplace Intelligence dug into all the different generations present in the workplace and how they feel about aspects of their work. This research sought to understand if differing areas of skill and experience, as well as different values and desires, might cause conflict and impact teams as a whole. We already know that due to growing up with social media, for example, Millenials and Generation Z experience the world quite differently than Baby Boomers. So how do these differences show up at work? The results of this research might surprise you.

Despite the generational gap and widely-held stereotypes (for instance, that younger generations are idealists and Boomers are the opposite), the majority of Boomers and Gen X individuals surveyed said that a fulfilling job means a great deal to them.

So as leaders, how exactly do we create fulfillment for our people? Building trust is a great place to start. Fostering accountability and  leadership – regardless of role or title – can also go a long way in creating meaningful experiences at work. Ultimately, we should avoid assuming different generations don’t share experiences or appreciate the same things when it comes to workplace culture. In addition, addressing workplace struggles that can potentially lead to a hostile work environment will be the most proactive thing leaders can do.

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