How to Cultivate Psychological Safety at Work

What’s your feeling of psychological safety at work? The answer might depend on your level or title.

According to Everything DiSC research, managers report lower levels of safety than higher-ups. This means feeling as though mistakes are held against them or struggling to deal with tough issues is something that plagues managers, which influences how psychologically healthy the work environment is.

There also seems to be a correlation between job level and feeling valued. So how do we as leaders ensure safety, trust, and value at every level of the organization? Facilitated learning like with DiSC can cultivate some of the more essential EQ skills that will drive better communication and trust.

We cannot forget that while managers and lower-level leaders are responsible for overseeing and developing others, they themselves might not be comfortable making mistakes and having tough conversations. “While it is a departure from more traditional (and increasingly outdated) corporate models, many organizations are coming around to the idea that innovation happens at every level…” And in order to secure a cohesive and safe culture, we must promote innovation and value contribution at all levels of the organization.

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