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Implementing Job Fit Throughout Your Organization

Guess what – Job Fit matters not just during the hiring process, but for your entire team, throughout the life of your organization. Implementing Job Fit means knowing each job, knowing each person, making objective selection decisions, and then actively monitoring engagement of your people. Sound difficult? Not if you leverage the right tools, like PXT Select.

I am such a fan of this tool, because PXT is data driven, yet fully customizable for each job and situation. It’s straightforward and it works. #ExpandYourToolboxes

Beyond the hiring process, you can continue to use PXT Select for things like employee development and even succession planning. If you have ever asked these questions, then this tool can work for you:

  • Does the person fit the job? The team? The manager?
  • Who are the right team players for highly visible projects?
  • How do we identify top performers?
  • Who is ready for a promotion?
  • What roles are best suited for someone ready for a career move?

Learn more by checking out our PXT Select showcases and trainings: MDR: PXT Select

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Right Person. Right Chair.