Why People Performance?

We are passionate about maximizing outcomes for people and organizations; we believe your people are your ultimate competitive advantage.

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As business and communication strategists we partner with you to collaboratively assess your needs and determine a strategy to maximize your desired outcomes.

What We Believe

MDR believes individuals, relationships, organizations and communities can be directed toward positive change through a collaborative and strategic approach.

Maximizing People Performance – “Ingredients for Success”

Michelle Reines is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., a leadership training company located in Southern, CA. She is also the creator of the Badass Leader brand and author of the newly released book, From BAD to BADASS Leader.  Michelle is an innovative, results-oriented facilitator, coach and consultative strategist with a coveted reputation of exceeding expectations in a highly competitive, distressed or volatile operational business climate. Michelle’s portfolio of strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes in leading and developing large and diverse teams; from leadership and sales to multi-faceted business operations. She possesses over 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational expertise. Her geographical background has been diverse throughout North America, running large scale operations, in progressive urban settings, to suburban and even seasonal resort and rural markets. She has an impressive resume of start-ups and turnaround successes, and remarkable sales management competencies, as well as a flair for building cohesive high-performance teams. Michelle understands the operational BIG picture and has a proven track-record of fostering associate engagement, accountability and development; while simultaneously driving sales and revenue performance upward.

Another mission critical passion of hers, is ensuring unique customer experiences that support maximizing overall margin performance and of course building a brand experience that is both memorable and referable. Michelle is a passionate, fearless leader, advisor and consultant whose leadership methodology supports developing self-sufficient teams, that are resourceful in decision making, problem solving and at anticipating future trends and consequences. Regardless of the industry or focus, Michelle is able to adapt quickly, develop expertise at enabling teams to produce immediate contributions, regardless of the industry.

Michelle’s leadership training company currently travels throughout North America & Canada supporting individual and organizational development needs, leveraging a variety of amazing performance tools! #SameSame #ButDifferent

We are Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, PXT Select™ and The Blanchard Companies and are MBTI® Certified Practitioners.

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