Our Passion

We are passionate about maximizing outcomes for people and organizations; we believe your people are your ultimate competitive advantage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip leaders, both seasoned and emerging, with the tools and mindset they need to rise above challenges, make a lasting impact, and forge a legacy of unstoppable leadership.

Our Purpose

  • To Empower:
    • We empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to unlock their leadership potential, fostering a belief that anyone can evolve into an unstoppable leader.
  • To Transform:
    • Our mission centers on guiding individuals through a transformational journey, helping them overcome uncertainty and emerge as formidable forces in the realm of leadership.
  • To Provide Real-World Insights:
    • We provide practical, real-world insights to equip leaders with actionable knowledge, enabling them to navigate the complexities of leadership effectively.
  • To Support & Guide:
    • We are committed to offering unwavering support and guidance, ensuring that aspiring leaders have the tools and resources they need to become unstoppable leaders.
  • To Inspire:
    • We inspire change by encouraging collaboration and the development of leadership skills that drive innovation and foster teamwork.
  • To Forge a Legacy of Unstoppable Leadership:
    • Our ultimate goal is to help leaders, whether seasoned or emerging, rise above challenges, make a lasting impact, and leave a legacy of unstoppable leadership that develops and inspires a future generation of leaders.
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Meet Michelle & Our People-Partners


Maximizing People Performance – “Ingredients for Success”

Michelle is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., a leadership training company located in Southern, CA.  She is also the author of the book From BAD to BADASS -Forging the Unstoppable Leader, designed for the everyday heroes who leadfeedheal and build our world.

Michelle is an innovative, results-oriented facilitator, coach and consultative strategist with a coveted reputation of exceeding expectations in highly competitive, distressed or volatile operational business climates. Her portfolio of strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes in leading and developing large and diverse teams; from leadership and sales to multi-faceted business operations.

Michelle possesses over 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational expertise. Her geographical background has been diverse throughout North America, running large scale operations, in progressive urban settings, to suburban and even seasonal resort and rural markets.

Michelle has an impressive resume of start-ups and turnaround successes, and remarkable sales management competencies, as well as a flair for building cohesive high-performance teams. Michelle understands the operational BIG picture and has a proven track-record of fostering associate engagement, accountability and development; while simultaneously driving sales and revenue performance upward.

MDR is proud to be Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors®, PXT Select™, Blanchard Companies Channel Partner and a Certified Working Genius Facilitator. **Michelle is an AAVSB approved Facilitator.

Meet Larry

Introducing Larry Stuart

Love Your Customers ~ Serve Them Unconditionally ~ Win Their Hearts.”

Larry Stuart is a Hospitality Professional who has spent a lifetime serving others. He is a true “Servant Leader” who has built Enthusiasm, Excellence, and Greater Purpose into the teams he has been honored to serve.

When it comes to hospitality and guest service excellence, Larry Stuart literally wrote the book on the subject “The Spirit of Hospitality”, with 40+ years of experience in hospitality management, food and beverage solution innovation, guest service systems and marketing strategies.

Larry is a Graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration, an Adjunct Professor, Forbes Contributor, Author, Speaker and, Emeritus President of the Cornell Hotel Society FL. He currently owns and operates a 24 year-old business in Walt Disney World. He has started up, opened or operated over 50+ Restaurants, 7 Major Hotels, and 1 Airline.

He is very Passionate about the “Guest Service Experience” that defines success across all industries! Larry has partnered with, among others, entities such as Hilton Worldwide, Southwest Airlines, Embassy Orlando, Peabody Hotels, The Walt Disney World Dolphin, NASCAR Café, Loews Hotels at Universal Studios Florida, Hard Rock Resorts, and many other first-class Brands to build world-class guest service into their DNA.

Larry has over 40 years of leadership experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with such class brands including the Walt Disney World Dolphin, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Loews Hotels at Orlando Resort, and Southwest Airlines.  He has contributed as a hospitality expert for FOX News and is the CEO of LS Hospitality.

Meet Robert

Introducing Robert Betke, Director of Client Relationships – Powersport & Avionics:

Robert is based in Southern California, he is adept at identifying, building, and nurturing client relationships while maintaining extensive knowledge of various client’s market conditions. Motorcycle, Automotive and Aircraft Mechanic and Aircraft Customer Support Engineer with over 39 years of technical multi-system troubleshooting and safety/ reliability expertise, combined with exceptional customer relationship management skills. USAF Veteran proudly served as an aircraft mechanic and crew chief for A-10 and F-16 aircraft.

#Playtime – District 37 Desert Racer, Last Dog Standing Competitor, Desert MC, Camping, Track days, 4WD & Adventure Bike Getaways, Foodie & Family

Meet Murray

Introducing Michelle Murray, Education Coordinator & Administrative Support:

Michelle is based in Atlanta, she is a multi-brand entrepreneur and executive support for MDR, she also provides boots-on-the-ground support for our in-person engagements and manages the online academy.  Michelle is also an accredited PXT Select™ Talent Selection Expert Practitioner – supporting clients with their talent selection needs.

#Playtime – BMW 135i, Yoga, Lake time, Foodie & Family

Meet Rachel

Introducing Rachel Whitener, Promotions & Production Assistant, Content, & Media Relations:

Rachel is a communications professional based in St. Louis, Missouri, with experience managing content across a range of industries, including higher education, recruitment, tech, and healthcare. Presently Rachel provides freelance content management and copywriting to various organizations, and she’s a Badass Production Assistant and Social Media Manager for MDR.

#Playtime – Former Digital Nomad, Professionally-Trained Pastry Chef, Gardener, Foodie & Travel Addict

Meet Cill

Introducing Cill Smith Event Coordinator, Logistics & Customer Care:

Cill is based out of Orange County, CA., she has extensive multi-market experience in managing high-performance sales and customer care teams. Cill is our experiential event and customer care coordinator, and manages logistics for our adventure retreats.

#Playtime – Fashionista, designer of Custom Retro Jackets, Passionate about supporting women in crisis, Foodie & Family

Meet Brandy

Introducing Brandy Evans, Official Cowgirl & Wizard Behind the Curtain:

Brandy is also multi-brand entrepreneur and a Wyoming Beef cattle rancher with her husband Kevin and dad Dennis. When she is not feeding our country and families, she builds websites and handles the behind-the-scenes support for ecommerce and virtual learning academy.

#Playtime – Ranching and herding cattle from her SXS, Website Coding & Family

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