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A Great Start Makes All the Difference.

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and overwhelming career transitions an individual can face.  Research shows that less than 10 percent of managers were prepared for a leadership role. Promoting a high-performer without the proper management skills can have serious consequences for both the individual and the organization.

New managers fail when:

  • They don’t establish goals
  • They don’t communicate expectations
  • They don’t give effective feedback
  • They don’t move from “doer” to “leader”Based on the most popular book in history for new managers, The New One Minute Manager®, the First-time Manager program was developed specifically for new leaders to acquire the mindset and skill set to achieve success quickly and become a great manager.​The FIRST-TIME MANAGER program focuses on the most important skills:

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Effective, rewarding and impactful.

Hard to believe, but some managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for development, growth and a proactive work environment. When people get the coaching they need, they perform better. In fact, the day-to-day coaching that managers provide their people is one of the most important qualities of a great manager.

When people don’t get the coaching they need:

  • They flounder
  • They disengage
  • They get frustrated
  • They lose momentum
  • They miss out on valuable development

When people describe their best boss ever, they frequently indicate that it was managers with effective coaching skills who helped them accelerate their performance and create an environment of trust.

Coaching Essentials embraces the tried and true coaching competencies as defined by the International Coaching Federation. The program was authored by Master Certified Coaches with experience leading and managing.

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A critical tool for helping others develop

Feedback is a gift and should be received as one, but so often attempts to provide feedback result in tension and conflict rather than self-reflection and growth. Providing constructive feedback to others without damaging the relationship is a powerful skill. When we’re able to help others learn something about themselves or the impact they are having on others that helps create improved performance and better relationships, we have done a real service.

Providing good feedback does not occur naturally or by default. To provide effective feedback, we must develop and cultivate very specific conversational skills—the type of skills provided in the Giving Feedback program. This course focuses on giving feedback, a critical skill in coaching and developing others. Leaders know that “Feedback is a gift!” No world-class performers could ever develop their talents without meaningful feedback on their performance.
Blanchard’s Giving Feedback model is unique in that it uses a behavioral approach to teach participants how to deliver four specific types of feedback. The focus is on how leaders stay in touch with the performance of the people they are leading so they can provide information that will help the people improve their performance.


•    Pure Feedback on What.
This is nonjudgmental, descriptive feedback that provides objective information about results or outcomes
•    Pure Feedback on How.
This is nonjudgmental, descriptive feedback that provides objective information about the activities or the way in which results are obtained
•    Personalized Feedback—Praise.
This is judgmental feedback (positive) designed to encourage desired behavior in the future
•    Personalized Feedback—Disapproval.
This is judgmental feedback (negative) designed to extinguish undesired behavior

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Leading People Through Change – Overview

This program teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical questions that employees raise during a change, and appropriate change strategies to resolve corresponding behaviors and resolve concerns. Participants learn the change strategies used to address the most common causes of failure in an organization and how to adapt to the predictable stages of concern.


Positively impact productivity, morale, and leadership development
Increase “capacity to change” and an adaptive environment where change is effectively implemented on an ongoing basis
More buy-in and less time to achieve the desired performance
Develop business-wide change management capabilities


Individuals tasked with leading all types of change efforts, including mergers and acquisitions, business process re-engineering, sales force expansion, and technology implementations.

DELIVERY METHOD – Leading People Through Change is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face.

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Leading People through Change

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We define Legendary Service as consistently delivering ideal service that keeps customers coming back. With the cost of gaining a new customer being six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing customer, the Legendary Service program provides a systematic approach that enables service to become the competitive edge for your organization.

The program is designed to focus on two audiences: a one-day workshop for all employees, since everyone has customers; and a half-day workshop for managers where leaders focus on the critical role and responsibility of implementing the company’s service culture through its employees, as well as crafting a plan on how to support their employees to better serve their customers.


Build a brand and culture based on service
Lower cost of sales and increase revenue by using service as a differentor that people talk about on social media
Retain internal and external customers
Unleash a caring, customer-driven organization, known for consistently delivering Legendary Service


Service providers and service champions who are faced with providing the framework and leadership to create an organization known for its Legendary Service.

DELIVERY METHOD – Legendary Service is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face.

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Optimal Motivation® is based on the new science of motivation and makes the bold claim that motivation is a skill that can be learned, developed, and taught. Individuals can be taught how to choose a high-quality motivation experience at any time and for any task.

This program is available in a one-day or 1½-day format. It helps leaders understand that they can’t motivate their people because they are already motivated and that it is the quality of an individual’s motivation that matters most. Leaders learn that their role is to help employees make a shift toward an optimal motivational outlook.


Create greater employee engagement
Increase productivity and innovation through a more engaged workforce
Retain employees who readily endorse the organization’s efforts


Individuals interested in learning the skill of activating Optimal Motivation to achieve and sustain high performance.
Results-oriented managers and executives interested in best practices to facilitate people’s positive energy, vitality, and sense of well-being.
Executives, senior-level managers, mid-level managers, or supervisors who need cutting edge strategies for tapping people’s potential.
Human Resource professionals interested in creating workplaces where people achieve goals, sustain high performance, AND flourish.

DELIVERY METHOD – Optimal Motivation is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face.

  • Farmer With Vet Examining Calf

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  • One On One Business Meeting



With organizations having to adapt to a constantly changing world, the capacity to have effective conversations is more important than ever. Whether the topic of your conversation is delivering a difficult message, giving tough performance feedback, or confronting insensitive behavior, the reticence most of us feel about having challenging conversations can be overcome.

Challenging Conversations covers all of the most challenging, intence and emotionally charged types of conversations. Using a flexible five-step model, participants use work examples to practice new skills and have ample time for personal reflection on issues they face in their daily lives. These include speaking up without alienating the other person and being able to listen even if you are triggered by what you hear.
There are five interconnected steps to having a challenging conversation:

•    A culture change that sets preferences for approaching difficult or conflict-ridden conversations
•    A common language and approach for successfully managing challenging conversations
•    Improved interpersonal communication skills through behavior modeling, practice, feedback, and coaching
•    A deepening of managers’ competence and commitment to conduct challenging conversations

Individuals in a supervisory or managerial role; all employees within the organization.

This program provides opportunities to build competence and commitment in preparing for and conducting challenging conversations. In an energizing, interactive, and safe environment, participants practice the types of challenging conversations that have become so much a part of daily life. Workplace situations are the key focus, but these skills are equally useful in managing difficult conversations with family and with others outside of work.

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