PXT Select™ eBook: Mending the Engagement Gap

Here’s the deal with employee disengagement…
It’s a hard problem to fix.

Jacob Morgan wrote in Harvard Business Review that although companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on engagement programs, engagement scores remain low—like really low.

The good news is, baby steps today means marathons tomorrow!
With PXT Select™, you can nail job fit, managerial fit, AND culture fit.

Learn more with PXT Select’s latest eBook, or by attending one of our free virtual showcases:

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – Personal Development

How much do we really know about how to team properly?
What if our teams are spending more time navigating work politics than on collaboration and cohesion?

As an Authorized Partner of The Five Behaviors®, we can help you reorient your organization, so that everyone is engaging effectively and working toward the same results, rather than on their own agendas.

Learn more:

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Feeling Disconnected While Officing Apart

Leaders, how about a #CultureCheck?
Even before the remote workforce evolution, office culture
was inherently fragile.

Are you putting in just as much effort to ensure your teams are communicating effectively while apart?

Learn more about improving connectedness and collaboration:

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PXT Select™ State of Hiring: Recruiting Talent

It should come as no surprise that hiring can be difficult.
For hiring managers especially, it can be demanding, time-consuming, and resource-sucking.

Hiring the right people is a high-stakes task which can create longer-term consequences in terms of the productivity and cohesiveness of a team. #DoItRight #GetTools

Reach out to us to get your copy of the recent State of Hiring report by PXT Select™!

With our help, you can improve and streamline your hiring process:

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ – Facilitator Accreditation – April 29

Calling all facilitators!

Do you know about the unique program of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™? This tool is all about achieving the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork. #MakestheDreamwork

Get ready to turn talented individuals into extraordinary, trusting teams with this blended-learning, virtually interactive, accreditation training.

The next program starts April 29! #GetCertified #EpicCoaching

Message me directly or sign up here:

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PXT Select™ Sample Report: Leadership

One of the great challenges of identifying leaders with the potential for success is looking beyond the sum of their job experience to truly understand the approach they’ll bring to guiding their teams and shaping their organizations. Agree?

This report is designed to shed light on a particular candidate’s #LeadershipPotential and provide insight into how he/she/they might confront the complexities of a leadership role. Incredible, right?

Read this full sample report here:
And to learn more about PXT Select™, we’ve got tons of tools for you here:

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™: RESULTS

One of the challenges to team success is the inattention to results. When you’re on a functional, cohesive team, everyone should value collective success more than individual achievement.

Sound tough? It’s not when you’re this far up the Five Behaviors pyramid! #MeetThe5Bs

We’ve got more on all the parts of the pyramid here:

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Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator Certification – MAY 4

Are you a fan of Everything DiSC tools and want to become a certified facilitator? Are you passionate about leadership and want to help teams connect on a deeper level?

The next Everything DiSC® Workplace CERTIFICATION training course begins May 4! #CheckItOut #GetCertified

You’ll learn how to customize programs to meet the needs of various groups and how to navigate challenging scenarios during sessions.

Sign up here:


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The State of Hiring White Paper from PXT Select™: Crisis Creates Opportunity

All the events of 2020 have necessitated a complete reimagining of “business as usual.” Do you agree?

Organizations need to rebuild their systems and practices, for the long-haul. But if this hectic time has taught us anything, it’s that >> Crisis Creates Opportunity.

The new State of Hiring white paper from PXT Select™ brings us unprecedented insight into what hiring managers are facing in a time unlike any other.

Reach out to us if you’d like a copy. And check out our PXT Select™ Virtual Showcases here:

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Everything DiSC® for Renewed Connections

How do we reconnect as humans again?

I am a huge fan of Everything DiSC® because of the self-awareness it brings. But this assessment in tandem with the power of the Catalyst™ platform also helps teams with the way they relate, communicate, and collaborate.

Check out our Everything DiSC® showcase & training events!

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