The Five Behaviors Virtual Showcase February 19

So many workplace tools, so little time.
How do you decide which one is right?

Check out this complimentary showcase on The Five Behaviors® on February 19. This solution combines a powerful team model with personalized insights to teach participants the critical behaviors and interpersonal skills needed to be effective team players on any team.

This virtual event is FREE, it’s FULL of information, and, did we mention that it’s FREE?

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PXT Select™ for Employee Engagement

Wanna know a Secret?

Explore these five conditions for creating employee engagement, from Josh Bersin.

According to recent data, even though companies have spent millions of dollars on programs, engagement remains low.

Here’s how PXT Select™ can help.

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Meet The Five Behaviors

This is how you TEAM. #MeetThe5Bs

New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni and a leading workplace assessment-based learning program form a collective powerhouse which will help you achieve business results.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ utilizes a simple model where the foundation is trust and the endpoint is collective team results.

Wanna learn more about how to achieve the ultimate advantage as a team?

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Maximizing the “People” Contributions to Your Organization

Wish you could replicate your top performers?
Maybe you’re thinking about performance, when you should be thinking about #JobFit.

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A Thriving Workplace Culture is Achievable

Attention Leaders: It’s time to ask the question, What’s working, and what isn’t?

How do you go from surviving to thriving? Maybe it’s high time to try something new.

The EverythingDiSC on Catalyst experience is fully customizable for your workplace and needs.

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PXT Select for Job Fit: Hire Smarter. Engage Fully.

“Did you know? Employees who are well matched or a job fit to their job are 2.5 times more productive.”

-Harvard Business Review

Use PXT Select™ to optimize your talent strategy and find the best fits for your organization!

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Does Your Organization Need an EQ Check?

Experiencing a bit of an emotional intelligence drought?
Read this latest blog post about what EQ is, why we need it, and how to get it!

As an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC®, we can help you unlock EQ within your organization.

Still don’t know exactly how this works? Visit here to download some free resources, including a sample of a full personal profile and EQ breakdown:

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Using Everything DiSC to Manage Your Team in Uncertain Times

The abrupt transition to working remotely which happened for many organizations in 2020 was one of the biggest disruptors to daily life.

How do you create strong organizational culture to withstand this present lack of human connection that we are facing and which will likely define this year as well?

With Everything DiSC: A Wiley Brand, learn how to leverage the unique personalities already on your team!

Work with us to utilize this amazing tool and level-up your culture:

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MDR is an authorized partner of Everything DiSC: A Wiley Brand.

The Cost of Ineffective Teamwork

The impacts of poor teamwork go beyond simply disrupting company culture. Ineffective teamwork causes disruption to time, effectiveness, AND revenue! #TheFiveBehaviors can help.

Learn more:

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Minddogtv – Talking Shop!

Let’s get under the hood with Minddog Matt Nappo and talk about corporate culture and Badass Leadership!

Michelle I️s a guest on Minddogtv – #CheckitOut

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LIVE STREAM TV – just recorded hot off the press!