A Standard in Hiring Produces Better Results: PXT Select™ to the Rescue!

stop! PXT Select to the Rescue

One in Five new hires are “bad” or have “regretted decisions,” according to hiring managers on their team.  -CEB, Global Market survey

Great organizations know success begins with hiring the right people. In the pool of candidates, there can be superheroes and villains, bystanders and go-getters, a diamond in the rough or a lump of coal. So, what does it take to hire the right person that you know will bring value to your business? PXT Select™ will help you streamline your process and determine whether a candidate is right for the job and the organization.

Why a Streamlined Approach Works

Let’s start from the beginning and why having a consistent hiring process will help you hire the right people. If you have an inconsistent process, you won’t have consistent quality in your hires. This could be tragic for your organization’s culture, current team, and your results. Without a standard in hiring, managers will not have a roadmap to guide their evaluation. Will they hire on experience? Personality? Does the candidate fit the organization’s culture and values? Without these standards and benchmarks, the candidate may affect the company work environment and other producers within departments. PXT Select™ can help you put data behind your hiring decisions, helping you make the hiring process simple, human and smart.

Using PXT Select™ to Streamline your Process

PXT Select™ is a tool that not only helps to streamline the hiring process; it is a tool that can be leveraged throughout the lifecycle of your employees. When integrating PXT from the very beginning, you’ll get a solid vision for how your candidate thinks and behaves, as well as understanding their interests – all are essential considerations for your hiring decision. You’ll be able to expand your net for the right candidates with expanded job functions. You’ll have tailored questions to ask and know what to listen for based on the candidate’s assessment questions. PXT will help you identify ways to enhance performance to maximize the individual’s talents and contributions, which will add value to them and the organization. This tool will help you match people with the right role, leading to increased motivation, engagement and ultimately translating to improved performance results.

PXT Select™ will help you fill the gaps between resume, interview and hire. You’ll get the data you need to make smart hiring decisions. A standard in hiring is crucial for a successful business. You need to have like-minded individuals all working for a common goal that everyone can get behind. According to Harvard Business review’s study of 360,000 individuals over 20 years, spanning 14 industries – hiring the right people, in the right role is the number one predictor of success. We understand, adding data to traditional hiring tactics can sound overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be, call MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. for your free PXT Select™ consultation 1-800-351-3129. Learn more about PXT Select™ and how it can help improve your business.

Hop on the Bus Gus – Reserve your Seat!

Ineffective Workplace Communication Making You and Others Crazy!?!

Ever meet someone, be it a client, coworker or just a random person and immediately you clicked?  How about the opposite, when you didn’t click?  Aren’t you curious what that’s all about?  Ever worked with or for someone where communication was awkward or maybe even you imagined they didn’t like you – and if it was your boss, you felt like they didn’t even want you on the team?  Well, I most certainly have, and it is not a good feeling whatsoever, that uneasiness can fuel insecurities and foster undesirable behaviors.  Haven’t we all been in meetings where some people hardly ever contribute, while others dominate the meeting and talk way too much, even interrupting others to share their opinions… yet again!?  Oh yeah, that used to be me!  How incredibly annoying!  I sincerely did not have much, if any, self-awareness then, and I’m quite certain I irritated my peers, boss and surely even my own team at times.  My passion and enthusiasm just oozed over into conversations and boardrooms – don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a mean person, I was just overly excited – truth be told I lacked self-awareness, self-management and perspective!

Gotta Get Some Perspective

Scott Reinert, a leader I liked, trusted and respected, once told me, “You need to get some perspective!”  At the time, it ticked me off, and yes it also kinda hurt my feelings too. I thought he just didn’t understand my passion.  Now, I don’t want to paint a picture that I wasn’t a successful leader, in fact, I was very successful, in spite of my communication blind-spot. You see, that’s what happens when we are successful, it’s easy to hide behind or ignore feedback when we are rocking results in spite of ourselves… and that was me.  I wasn’t just rocking results, I was rocking relationships, and not for the better, especially when it came to my peers.  I was good at managing up, and even better at managing down, but really sucked at playing in the sandbox, when it came to peer-to-peer relationships; my competitive side just got in the way!  Not something I am proud of.  It wasn’t until a couple of years later, I appreciated Scott’s feedback and I finally got it!  Thank you, Scott, one of the many things I always respected about him, was his ability to tell it to me straight – yes, a bitter pill at times, but always valuable, especially once I was open to it.  So, what’s that about, not being open and where does that naturally defensive behavior come from?  Why are some people more open to feedback or challenge than others?  And why do some people struggle to give feedback, almost to the point of experiencing pain or extreme anxiety when faced with doing so, while others like Scott, would find it painful or wrong not to give you feedback?  All of this became clearer to me when I decided I wanted to be a better communicator, leader, team member, and performer, and finally decided to “get some perspective”!  Scott would be so proud, no, not really, much more likely to be rolling his eyes laughing and saying, jeez Baribeau, what took you so long!? – always referring to me by my maiden name, lol.

Stop the Insanity!

A lack of perspective on how we are perceived can lead to many unhealthy dynamics, be it in teams or in life, dysfunctional environments and toxic behaviors, if left unchecked, can thrive, and healthy behaviors will suffer or get snuffed out!  OUCH.  I don’t need to be the one to tell you, this is really bad for you, your team, your organizational health, and your relationships, both in and out of the workplace!  If not addressed, it can ultimately bleed into your client and brand experiences, leading to an uninviting culture and even the ever-popular negative social reviews…all of this, of course, impacts your bottom-line. So, before dysfunction gets the upper-hand, let’s stop the insanity and be like Gandhi and “be the change you want to see!”

If it’s to be, it’s up to ME!

I wholeheartedly believe in the mantra, if it’s to be it’s up to me!  It is actually quite empowering and refreshing, besides, you don’t have to wait for anyone else to fix it!  The really great news is, improving self-awareness is actually an easy problem, challenge, or opportunity to fix, improve, overcome, and/or conquer!   It’s gonna take some personal ownership, yep, back to your trusty mirror, and a healthy dose of perspective to get it!

It’s NOT Complicated

If I’d only had this sooner, I could have saved myself and others unnecessary aggravation and stress; it would have been so much easier and a lot more fun!  It finally became uncomplicated, when I attended an in-depth, in-person Everything DiSC® training shortly after launching my own company.  I tried many other things, unsuccessfully, from self-study books and online training. It wasn’t until this in-person training that it finally sunk in.  This is exactly why I travel all over the U.S. and Canada facilitating DiSC, it truly is an eye-opener and game-changer, when it’s properly leveraged!  Everything DiSC®, can help you change the way your organization and its team members communicate and treat each other. It will provide you with the tools and resources to turn ineffective communication into productive conversations, helping you build better workplace relationships and ultimately better and more profitable organizations.

So, who should attend?

Regardless of your title or role in your organization, and whether you have previously taken DiSC or not, this training will help you build your communication skills, giving you strategies to improve communication, relationships and overall contribute to improving team health. Throughout this training, you will learn how to appreciate the communication and working styles of others. The easiest part is that it all starts with you, and your mirror; we will be taking an in-depth look at how you communicate to understand and appreciate your differences from how others communicate. Before you know it, you’ll be able to notice and self-correct your unhealthy tendencies that could erode trust, and instead foster behaviors that engage others and improve communication, collaboration, relationships; teamwork and lead to improved client experiences, and healthier more profitable organizations.

Hop on the Bus Gus – Reserve your Seat!

MDR Coaching and Consulting is thrilled to be hosting this LIVE Everything DiSC® Orange County Training Event, featuring Michelle D. Reines, CEO of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. and Rommel Anacan a Consultant for MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., as your facilitators; Rommel is an entertaining and talented partner in crime!  Come “gain some perspective”, as Scott would say, have fun learning how to leverage the true power of Everything DiSC®!  You will learn, what’s working for you and also what’s not, and most of all, you will learn techniques to make an immediate impact on your relationships and ultimately your performance.  Knowing how to communicate is absolutely a competitive leadership strength. Invest in your development and improve communication with your boss, peers, direct report, and clients.  Maximize your desired outcomes by adding this to your Professional Development Plan for 2018; take the initiative to invest in your success, reserve your seat today; limited spots available – you won’t want to miss the Final Event for 2018!

Learn more about Everything DiSC® Workplace.


MDR goes LIVE in a neighborhood near you, the Bus stops here! 



Hop on the Bus Gus Packages (Purchase Tickets):


VIP Hopper    (10 seats available)                       $695 per person*

Includes: 20-Page Personalized Profile Report, Additional Everything DiSC® Management Assessment with 60-minutes  of Executive Coaching ($495 Value), Access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, a mobile-friendly interactive Learning Portal, featuring – Unlimited Comparison Reports, and Customizable Team Views, in addition to Podcasts to learn more about your Style; DiSC Workplace Interaction Guide and DiSC Workplace Style Guide, Needs Tag and DiSC Pen.


Professional Hopper                                             $450 per person*

Includes: 20-Page Personalized Profile Report, Access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, a mobile-friendly interactive Learning Portal, featuring – Unlimited Comparison Reports, and Customizable Team Views, in addition to Podcasts to learn more about your Style; DiSC Workplace Interaction Guide and DiSC Workplace Style Guide, Needs Tag and DiSC Pen.


General Hopper                                                       $375 per person*

Includes: 20-Page Personalized Profile Report, Access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, a mobile-friendly interactive Learning Portal, featuring – Unlimited Comparison Reports, and Customizable Team Views, in addition to Podcasts to learn more about your Style.


Multiple Hoppers                                                   $350 per person*
(5 or more seats same Company)

Includes: 20-Page Personalized Profile Report, Access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, a mobile-friendly interactive Learning Portal, featuring – Unlimited Comparison Reports, and Customizable Team Views, in addition to Podcasts to learn more about your Style.

*Taxes & Fees calculated at check-out


Contact MDR for Discount Code (1-800-351-3129): AAOC Members received a 10% Discount


**Take advantage of an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 10% for anyone who signs up by September 30, 2018.


Take your team and your business to the next level!

Date:              Friday, November 2, 2018
Time:               8am – Noon
Location:       Apartment Association of Orange County
525 Cabrillo Park Dr. Suite 125
Santa Ana, CA. 92701

Located at the convergence of the 5 & 55 in Santa Ana, plenty of parking.

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Speaker Bios:

Michelle Reines headshotMichelle D. Reines; M.P.P. a.k.a. Maximizing People Performance – “Ingredients for Success”

Michelle is the CEO “Chief Engagement Officer” and founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., located in Southern, CA.  She is an innovative, results-oriented facilitator, coach and consultative strategist with a coveted reputation of exceeding expectations in a highly competitive, distressed or volatile operational business climate.  Michelle’s portfolio of strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes in leading and developing large and diverse teams; from leadership and sales to multi-faceted business operations.  She possesses over 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational expertise.  Her geographical background has been diverse throughout North America, running large scale multi-family vertical operations, in progressive urban settings, to suburban and even seasonal resort markets.  She has an impressive resume of start-ups and turnaround successes, and remarkable sales management competencies, as well as a flair for building cohesive high-performance teams.  Michelle understands the operational BIG picture and has a proven track-record of fostering associate engagement, accountability and development; while simultaneously driving sales and revenue performance upward and decreasing associate turn-over.  Another mission critical passion of hers, is ensuring unique customer experiences that support maximizing overall margin performance and of course building a brand experience that is both memorable and referable.  Michelle is a passionate, fearless leader, advisor and consultant whose leadership methodology supports developing self-sufficient teams, that are resourceful in decision making, problem solving and at anticipating future trends and consequences.  Regardless of the industry or focus, Michelle is able to adapt quickly, develop expertise at enabling teams to produce immediate contributions, regardless of industry or market.

As a facilitator and consultative strategist; Michelle currently travels extensively supporting a variety of industries; she is committed to partnering with her clients to help them develop effective tactics to achieve sustainable performance results both individually and collectively.  Michelle is a straight-forward and articulate communicator whose direct and supportive style helps clients engage and align, to perform at their maximum potential to achieve collective results.

MDR Model*MDR Leadership Maximization Model

MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

Website: www.MDR4You.com

Rommel Anacan (pronounced “Roh-mel Ana-kin”) is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and organizational strategist. He powerfully impacts people, companies and organizations by providing the clarity, inspiration and education they need to break through their limits and achieve the success they desire.

He founded his company The Relationship Difference in 2011, as a vehicle to share the wisdom and knowledge he’s gained over his lifetime. Rommel has worked with leading companies and organizations such as Flir Systems, Yardi Systems, Sabra Foods, Camden Property Trust, National Apartment Association, Building Industry Association, Manufacturers and Food Service Industry Association, CHMB Inc., Million Dollar Round Table, Building Owners and Managers Association, and many others!

Rommel is excited to partner with Michelle D. Reines at MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. to bring you this local and very powerful Everything DiSC Training Event!  We look forward to maximizing DiSC in a way that supports moving teams, relationships and organizational performance forward!

When Rommel isn’t traveling around the country as a speaker, he is an officer in the Civil Air Patrol, the civilian Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force; he also an assistant pastor at Father’s House OC church in Huntington Beach, California, and enjoys life in Southern California with his wife, daughter and the family cat.

Save the Drama for Effective Meetings!

How many times have you sat in a meeting thinking, “this is such a waste of time”? Chances are, you’re not alone. Many people sitting around the conference table probably feel the same way. Bad meetings can create disengagement and fuel team dysfunction, frustration and even lead to passive-aggressive power playing and posturing – oh sign me up – no thanks!  So, how do you right the ship and go from bad, useless meetings to effective meetings that are productive?

Effective Meetings


It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, meetings are essential to team alignment and productivity, they’re a cog in the wheel that keeps a business going. Meetings keep teams alert, informed and connected, so you have to have them. The key is to make them interesting, relevant and effective and not boring-snoring!

Mine for Conflict, Yep – Add a Little Drama!

Texting, checking email, spinning pencils, faces in hands, and doodling are all signs that you’re in a snoring meeting. To mix it up, add a little drama to your meetings. This drama can come in the form of productive conflict. We are not encouraging an MMA Fight – but a healthy productive debate is invigorating and stimulating! I love how Patrick Lencioni in his book DEATH by Meeting, talks about The Hook. If you lose people in the first 10 minutes of your meeting you’re through – the key is to give them a reason to engage and to care! Talk about the most controversial and important issues at the beginning of the meeting – this will get people engaged and alert during the meeting. Tackling a controversial issue can spark a good conversation and keep team members involved throughout the meeting.

Create Context and Purpose and Structure – Go 4 it!

An effective meeting needs to have context and purpose. You can’t just meet to meet, that’s for the watercooler. So often useless meetings cover everything under the sun and jump from topic to topic, and nothing ever gets solved.  Leaders must make sure that every meeting has a purpose and that everyone attending the meeting is clear on that purpose. To have effective meetings, it takes more meetings. Not necessarily more time in meetings, but more meetings with a clear purpose. Here’s a tip from Pat Lencioni; leaders should actually schedule 4 Meetings – The Daily Check-in, Weekly Tactical, Monthly Strategic, and Quarterly Off-site review.

The DEATH by Meeting Format – 4 Effective Meetings

The Daily Check-in: This effective meeting should be short and sweet, no more than 5-10 minutes each day – I like to refer to them as Huddles.  In fact, attendees shouldn’t even sit for this meeting. Keep it strictly administrative; members should run through schedules and activities.

Weekly Tactical: This effective meeting is a discussion about the week. It should 45-90 minutes and should be a review of weekly activities, metrics, and resolve any obstacles or issues. This is my very favorite meeting – I call this one the Getter-Dun Tactical – where we get traction as a team – organizational momentum is actually palpable!

Monthly Strategic: This effective meeting will be roughly 2- 4 hours each month. It will be a more in-depth discussion on strategy and analysis. Brainstorming and decisions on critical issues will take place during this meeting. Really critical for keeping the train on the rails headed toward the station, creating clarity and alignment around where we are headed!

Quarterly Off-Site Review: Each quarter schedule 1 or 2 days away from the office. This will be a meeting that discusses industry trends, competitive landscape, strategy, personnel and team development – aimed at keeping us relevant and our fingers on the pulse of our business topography.

You can learn more about these effective meeting strategies in the book, DEATH by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni.  MDR uses a variety of resources and development programs to bring drama and momentum to your meeting structure – contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation and put a stop to Snoring-Boring meetings.


Do You Need a Check-up From the Exec-up?

Customized Leadership Training & Development ProgramsAs leaders, it’s our job to keep our organization’s health in tip-top condition, and we’re not just talking about the numbers; it’s about the health and morale of our people.  The impact this has is massive, especially when it comes to maximizing overall organizational health, brand experience, and performance.

I wholeheartedly believe, the healthiest organizations are healthy at the top, their teams are not only succeeding on the balance sheet, they are walking-their-talk from a people performance and customer impact perspective and, yes, they are absolutely cohesive!

Let’s face it, if your leadership team is manned by unhealthy, unchecked egos, or by those who manage with a top-down autocratic approach, your team has to be suffering from pretty unhealthy symptoms like – low morale, higher employee turnover, dysfunctional conflict; increased customer complaints and dissatisfaction just to name a few – so, what’s that costing you?

I know first-hand, how hard it can be to look into the mirror as a leader and choose to start there.  I learned this lesson the hard way and almost too little – too late in the early days of my career as a leader.  I clearly was the problem; yep, I was the common denominator when it came to what wasn’t working with my team.  The reality of that was crushing – WOW, I was the problem!?!  It was how I led specifically, that set the tone for anything and everything that wasn’t working for my team and my business.  That realization was the worst tasting humble pie I ever had to choke down, and ultimately was the greatest gift I ever received.  I completely understand that it takes GUTS to look into the mirror and evaluate ourselves first – but I promise, it has the potential to be the most powerful decision you ever make.  The really great news in all of this is – when you impact organizational health that much – you can also recover and get your organization healthy…yes, it’s gonna take some work, vulnerability, collaboration and perhaps a serving or two of humble pie, but in the end – the summit is so worth the effort of the climb!

How Do I Know If We Are Healthy?

Leaders who work well together – have a solid foundation of trust, regularly engage in meaningful, productive conflict – are actually more committed and much more likely to be mutually accountable and focused on collective results.  They are surely winning the race and edging out the competition in both economic and human capital currency, and, no doubt having a lot more fun in the process!  Teams with these dynamics truly enjoy a competitive advantage and make leadership fun, rewarding and profitable for themselves and their organizations – and in return, their teams feel valued, they engage with you, each other and your customers. If this doesn’t sound like your team, we can help!

Customized Leadership Training Programs – It’s Not A One Size Fits All Solution

Every organization is different, and within that organization, each individual personality is different – especially within a team dynamic. With MDR Coaching & Consulting every engagement begins with a consultation that analyzes the situation from 360 degrees – then we prescribe a customized leadership training solution that will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, for now, and in the future.

Give us a call for a complimentary leadership training consultation – let’s get busy designing a development program that works for you and your team.           


DiSC Productive Conflict

Resolve Conflicts and Build Relationships with DiSC®

It’s inevitable that conflict will happen in the workplace, as well as at home. However, it’s how you handle the conflict that can move the conflict and relationships into being either productive or destructive. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict helps you turn potentially destructive conflicts into something that’s effective and productive – leading to stronger relationships among teams or family members.

Understanding Yourself and Others in Conflict

At the core of Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is understanding personalities, specifically, yours. It starts by taking an introspective look at yourself and recognizing your behavioral tendencies when it comes to how you engage in conflict. When you understand yourself better, you’ll discover how to communicate with others more effectively and navigate yourself through conflict more productively.

Next, we explore how others respond in conflict, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; however, learning more about how DiSC® styles influence behavior in conflict – is a great next step! From this discovery, you will uncover how others communicate and react during a conflict and learn how their conflict behaviors differ from yours.  This will help you understand and then respond more appropriately, leading to fewer escalations and misunderstandings; instead enabling more meaningful discussions – all the while building trust and growing your workplace relationships.

The Four DiSC® Styles in Conflict

Each of these behavioral traits and styles process conflict differently. By understanding yourself and each style of your team members, you can approach a conflict with a better idea of how someone might react to your messaging.  Take a look at the DiSC® Productive Conflict Map – what feels familiar to you?

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is a tool that helps improve self-awareness – it is not about conflict resolution, it is more about self-management, so you can have more productive conversations, without the destructive tendencies.

Learning how to engage in conflict productively is a powerful step toward fostering stronger relationships – order your Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict profile today or call MDR to learn more about how Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict can help you and your team improve workplace relationships and results!


Maximize People Performance with Everything DiSC

Leadership GOAL: To bring out the best in my team, maximizing individual and collective success – which leads to maximizing organizational success.

What is your leadership style?

MANAGEMENT PROFILE BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH EMPLOYEE. The Everything DiSC Management Profile uses a research-validated learning model to create a highly personalized learner experience. The profile is management-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help managers become more effective.
EVERYTHING DiSC MANAGEMENT PROFILE FOCUSES ON: • Your DiSC Management Style • Directing and Delegating • Motivating • Developing Others • Working with Your Manager Participants learn about their strengths and challenges as managers and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people they manage—making them more effective managers by Wiley Uses Adaptive Testing for a more interactive & Precise Measurement.

Making Building Cohesive Teams Simpler and Smarter

There are several variables that contribute to building successful and cohesive teams, including great leadership (you) and great team players.  It’s up to you to select the right players, matching people with positions that will fit your organizational needs now and in the future.  There’s so much that goes into hiring the right team players, placing them in the right roles, to enable them to thrive and enjoy what they do – while maximizing their contributions to your organization.  PXT Select not only helps you match the right players to the right positions, it also helps you shape their overall experience; giving you a powerful resource throughout the life cycle of the employee – making hiring simpler, smarter and ultimately more impactful.

Go Beyond the Resume with Data – A Full Suite of Reports

PXT Select helps you select, onboard, coach and develop your players; with a full suite of reports that give you real-time data and fit scores, plus tailored interview questions and tips on “what to listen for” with each candidate – giving you a meaningful edge in your hiring process.  You will be able to easily assess each individual candidate on multiple levels and in multiple positions and dive deeper into scores for their thinking and behavioral traits, as well as interests.  You’ll quickly compare candidates against multiple Performance Models for positions you’re trying to fill and determine if the candidate is a good fit for the job and the team – being able to make smarter hiring decisions with greater confidence.

Will They Play Well with Others? – Team Report

Are they the right fit for your team? The PXT Select Team Report will help gauge how your candidate fits into the existing team and addresses your current team’s dynamics and strengths.  This report shows you how the new team player might impact the team, giving you valuable insights into your team culture.

Fill-the-gap between the resume and the interview with PXT Select and empower your organization to make the very human decision about hiring simpler and smarter.  View the full suite of PXT Sample Reports and contact MDR your PXT Select Authorized Partner today at 1-800-351-3129.

Maximizing Team Engagement

As a leader, one of the critical priorities you should have is to maximize team engagement. Focusing on asking versus telling, is a sure-fire way to ignite engagement at the individual and team level. To help individuals and teams grow and thrive, you must provide an environment that inspires collaboration, and evokes passionate contribution toward collective outcomes.

Know Yourself

Like engagement, disengaged teams are your results as a leader, yep your mirror. Disengagement is expensive when it comes to impact on money, time, resources, stress, damaged reputation and client attrition, just to name a few –  and in the most extreme cases can even put you out of business overnight. So maximizing team engagement is not just a nice to have it is a need to have – the good news is, you can change it and influence a better outcome – it begins with you knowing yourself. Knowing what’s working, not working and what you need to do differently to maximize team engagement.

Know your People

Knowing your people is key, and leveraging their strengths, inviting weigh-in to elicit greater buy-in; connecting with your teams to understand their goals, ambitions, passions – what makes them feel valued and inspired.  These internal motivators a.k.a. their emotional currency are great accelerators to fostering higher levels of team engagement, then be sure to pay them in their preferred emotional currency – regularly.

Reaping the Benefits of Team Engagement

Engaged teams create engaged customers, healthy more productive, great places to work, greater profitability, fewer risks and more exciting possibilities for growth and success. Isn’t that the type of culture we all aspire to be a part of and as leaders we should foster?

It begins with you, learn more about Maximizing Engagement through Leadership Development today!

GREAT Leadership Elicits GREATNESS. What do you elicit?

I love this quote:

“The task of great leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it; for the greatness is already there!” -John Buchan

Leadership is not a rank, or title, anyone can be a leader – regardless of position. Each one of us has been touched by a leader, perhaps it was a community leader, coach, boss, parent; school teacher, spiritual advisor, athlete; celebrity, a hero or a friend.  I have been and continue to be inspired by several incredible leaders throughout my life, however, the first for me was my 5th grade teacher Mr. Jerry Linkhart; he stirred my emotions and captured my attention; I hung onto his every word – Mr. Linkhart was the first to elicit possibility in me.  Throughout my professional career, I have had the good fortune of working for and alongside some of the greatest leaders I have ever known, I credit them for having elicited the best out of me and having inspired me to help other leaders.  They didn’t make life easy for me, they challenged me to step-up, to think differently, embrace what was possible, especially when I was feeling it was impossible.  Over time they replaced the opposing voice inside of my head with, “you can do this, you got this, I believe in you”.  They expected more, not less and gave me tough feedback – with care.  Yes, with care, the art of feedback and coaching is doing it with care, knowing your players, your team, your partners, or clients and being able to deliver the right feedback, at the right time and in the right spirit.  One of my favorite speakers, Simon Sinek said it most accurately for me, “great leaders make us feel safe” and when it comes to effective feedback and coaching – when the people you coach feel safe, they listen and remain open – and it is in those moments that the greatest possibility of eliciting their true potential exists.

So here are some best practices:

  1. Build Trust make those you lead feel safe
  2. Once Trust has been established – engage in productive feedback
  3. Evoke greatness through open, honest and caring feedback
  4. Praise progress
  5. Repeat (Steps 2-4 often)

I love this truism and have used it often, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Now go forth and elicit greatness!

Contact MDR to learn more about how The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team can help you start building trust, cohesion and eliciting greatness on your team today!

Building Success with a Cohesive Team

When you think about it, do you have a truly cohesive team? So often we all get stuck in a rut, where we go about our daily tasks and forget about what really makes a successful team. There are Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ (credit Patrick Lencioni); Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, Results – and their interplay is what really leads to the cohesiveness of any team.

When thinking of a pyramid, each behavior layers on a base for the next, building off each other toward the top, which is the goal for any business – results.


At the foundation of any relationship is TRUST. This trust goes beyond trusting your team to do their jobs. Members of any team or relationship should feel comfortable being transparent and honest with one another. Without this crucial layer, your team will crumble.


When it comes to ideas, it does not pay to have a team that just says yes. The best ideas are forged from debate and conflict where everyone contributes their side and perspective. The idea will be stronger and you’ll be surprised that your relationship will also be stronger as a result of healthy and respectful debate.


The entire team must commit to every decision. By trusting your team members, they’ll feel comfortable giving their opinion and debating their ideas and will commit to the conclusion. If every team member has a voice in a decision, you’ll have total commitment.


A team that trusts each other will hold each other and themselves accountable to execute a plan of action that everyone on the team has committed too.


The results are end-goal of the team. When all of the elements of a cohesive team are combined, it leads to winning results. When good results are achieved your team is more motivated to stick together, working toward continued success.

Building a genuinely cohesive team is not an easy task, but boy is it ever a worthwhile one. Everyone must be in line with these five behaviors to achieve successful, long-term relationships. Learn more about these behaviors and how you can apply them to your business here. Contact MDR, an Authorized partner for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, for more information.