The Policies Every Organization Should Consider to Minimize Employee Stress

For its latest eBook, How to Navigate the Great Resignation, Wiley asked questions about what policies organizations have in place and examined the impact that those policies have on reported stress levels. They discovered some compelling insights about which organizational policies have the biggest impact on lowering employee stress levels.

One of these policies is Additional PTO & Mental Health Days.
32% of people surveyed currently experience this benefit.
The pandemic highlighted mental health in the workforce in a way we’ve never seen before. According to Wiley’s research, providing additional PTO and mental health days had the strongest impact on lowering stress levels for employees at the height of the pandemic and continues to play an important role in lowering stress moving forward, so it’s surprising that only 32% of respondents said their company modified this policy.

This means organizations that actively prioritize, discuss, and cater to its employees’ mental health moving forward will be in a better position to retain and attract top talent.

Reflect on if your organization implemented or updated this policy in the last year. Want more info on the research? Request your free copy of the eBook from us:

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Giving attention to mental health greatly impacts an organization's culture.