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EPIC Sub Account


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Would you like to be able to administer your own assessments?  You can do that through what is called an EPIC SUB ACCOUNT.

There is a one time setup fee to get you started.  This is not an online purchase, please contact our customer care department and we will send you an invoice for the set up and schedule your admin orientation call with our team.

MDR@MDR4you.com or call us at 800-351-3129

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) provides a simple, cost-effective way to profiles.

An EPIC Account contains over 60 Wiley online assessments. With your EPIC Account you have 24/7 access to distribute DiSC assessments.

Important: EPIC CREDITS are only available to MDR SUB ACCOUNTS and they work on a credit system. First you would purchase credits for your EPIC Sub Account and they become the currency used to pay for DISC or Five Behaviors profiles. Each profile has a credit value and you purchase the number of credits you need for the profiles you plan to use. EPIC Credits can be used for any report at any time and they never expire. The big advantage to using EPIC CREDITS is that you can lower your profile costs by purchasing credits in bulk quantities (50 or more), and use them whenever you like for any profiles you generate in the future. CONTACT MDR for more information and to become a SUB ACCOUNT today!