PXT Select for Leadership

PXT Select not only helps with finding and onboarding the right talent, but also with leadership, equipping leaders to achieve higher engagement levels in their teams.

Leaders generate excitement and take time to celebrate hard work and achievements. They make space for affirmation, even with everyday tasks. Leaders understand that the well-being of their organizations depends on the emotional well-being of their employees. Consistent doses of encouragement, joy, and celebration all contribute to emotional health and organizational success—especially when stress levels run high. That’s the fuel people need to keep going, stay focused, and maintain motivation!

How does PXT help with this?

Once leaders have the right individuals in the right places, they can use information from the PXT Select Teams Report to build and maintain teams of people they know will work well together. By providing information on how each individual functions in the context of a team environment, the Teams Report allows managers to help each person realize their strengths and areas for improvement while working with other team members.

Similar to the Teams Report, the PXT Select Coaching Report helps managers assist their employees in identifying strengths and areas for growth while working alone, which is especially important for remote workers.

Learn more about PXT for leaders and teams by downloading some of our free resources or attending a virtual event: MDR: PXT Select Solutions

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PXT Select creates Better Leaders, fuels Better Hiring, and results in Engaged Employees