Everything DiSC: The Truth Speaker

The Truth Speaker is a straight shooter and confident thinker. They are willing to question inferior ideas and give critical feedback. And if they don’t come right out and tell you what they’re thinking? Don’t worry…their body language will let you know!

Are you a truth speaker at work?
How do we best leverage the strengths of a Truth Speaker in tandem with say, an Ad-Libber?

With the awareness and understanding that comes with using Everything DiSC on Catalyst…

The Truth-Speaker becomes less closed-off and more open to others’ ideas, willing to consider a variety of thoughts and input. Meanwhile, The Ad-Libber takes a more realistic view of the situation, exercising more perceptive judgment in the strengths and abilities of others.

Learn more about each style, how they can work together, and the power of DiSC:
Everything DiSC Office of Unicorns

Reach out to us to get started and learn your own DiSC style. We’ve got in-person AND virtual options: MDR: Everything DiSC Workplace

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Everything DiSC: The Truth Speaker