The Do’s and Don’t’s of DiSC

It’s true that Everything DiSC has the power to be a culture catalyst by starting each learner on the path from personalized insights to real behavior change. But achieving this powerful impact requires the appropriate use of DiSC in the workplace.

While DiSC is a tool that supports a variety of social and emotional contexts in the workplace, it’s possible to misuse the tool. Here are some of the biggest mistakes:
– Arguably the most-common misuse of DiSC is “pigeonholing” a person based on their DiSC style. Pigeonholing happens when a person’s abilities are limited or dismissed based on their DiSC style. This results in unfair stereotypes or generalizations. For example, “All C-styles get too bogged down in the details to see the big picture.”
– Using DiSC as an excuse for poor behavior, and a reason not to adapt! Unfortunately, this action often winds up stunting development and encouraging stereotypes, which is the antithesis of what Everything DiSC stands for.

The reality is that the behavior of people with the D, i, S, or C style does not all look the same across the board. There is a lot of variation, even within one DiSC style. That’s why it’s so important to use DiSC as a dialog tool to better understand how your DiSC style influences (or doesn’t influence) the way you work. #DontEncourageStereotypes

Now, let’s talk about DiSC DO’S. Do:

  • Apply a framework for understanding behavioral tendencies.
  • Use as a conversation catalyst to get to know, adapt to, and value others.
  • Instill a common language in an organization.

Authorized Partners for DiSC solutions, like us, are here to help you leverage the tool correctly, so you and your organization can get the most out of your experience!

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The importance of understanding DiSC do's and don't's