Why I Support the Everything DiSC Assessment for Leadership and Teams

Everything DiSC graph showing the four styles: D, i, C, S

Why #EverythingDiSC?

I am a big fan of this tool over other leadership assessments for the same reason that, as CEO of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., I invested in becoming an authorized partner. It’s an adaptive testing tool, meaning the test adapts to the test-taker, whereby increasing accuracy of results.

Plus, DiSC® is simple to understand and easy to immediately implement. With the Catalyst platform, your team can compare their tendencies to those of their teammates and get actionable tips on how to work together. The tool is incredibly enlightening and adapts to the unique needs of each person and situations they encounter. You can even create your own custom groups on Catalyst. Let’s say, for example, you join a new team and now need guidance on the dynamics and challenges you might face as a group. You can continue to use and adjust your Catalyst view and data as your needs change.

With more generations present in the workforce than ever before, plus a mixed bag of hybrid, remote, and in-office employees, we must understand ourselves and others in order to work cohesively as teams. Better communication will be the currency of the most successful organizations.

Taking your leadership up a notch includes knowing yourself and your people, so starting with a reputable and high-quality assessment will be a game-changer for your growth.

MDR: DiSC on Catalyst

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