DiSC As a Framework for Better Relationships

There are many examples of ways Everything DiSC should and shouldn’t be used in the workplace (or in general). DiSC gives us a framework for understanding behavior, but the real value of DiSC is not just in knowing a person’s DiSC style—it goes much deeper than that. It’s about relationships.

The real magic happens when DiSC becomes part of an organizational culture where people have open dialogue about their priorities and preferences and use DiSC as a springboard for discussion. This dialogue is an opportunity to learn more about a person’s style, and then figure out ways to adapt to their needs. Because DiSC is used as a catalyst for conversation—versus a tool to categorize people—it becomes more about growing and building effective working relationships. Beyond this, learners are empowered to take what they learn from DiSC and #Stretch outside their comfort zone, manage their team more effectively, or actively improve their emotional intelligence, depending on which solution is being applied. And that’s when we see real, lasting growth for organizations and individuals alike.

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The Value of DiSC