The DiSC wheel shows four styles: D, i, S, and C, and the psychological tendencies and needs of each style.

Your Psychological Needs At Work, According To DiSC

If you thought Everything DiSC was just a workplace assessment used to determine basic personality traits, you are right. But it’s also so much more. Let’s explore the spectrum of psychological needs and motivations represented in the DiSC model:

  • If you are bold and thrive on challenge, you’re likely a D style.
  • If you are your team’s biggest cheerleader, you’re probably an i (little i)!
  • Is your natural role as a nurturer and mediator? You’re an S.
  • As a C style, you appreciate consistency and order.

You may also be a combination of more than one style. The DiSC model reflects your behavioral preferences and enables you to pinpoint your strengths and needs in the workplace. Leveraging the strategies from DiSC, you and your team will learn how to adapt to one another’s styles, ultimately improving engagement and collaboration.

Plus, your team will build the foundation for future emotional and social skills training. Your DiSC training experience is likely to spark “aha” moments that illuminate things about yourself you didn’t even realize, allowing you to build a better relationship with yourself and with your teammates.

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