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In today’s reality, fast-paced business maneuvers sometimes find us placed in leadership positions when we’re not quite ready.

What if the roadmap to forging unstoppable leadership skills is easier than you think? What if navigating this roadmap could actually be funsimpleimpactful, and sustainable?

By following the lessons in From Bad to Badass: Forging the Unstoppable Leader, those who have been thrust into management—whether by design or accident—can learn to lead with greater competence and confidence, resulting in more podium finishes for them and their teams. Whether you’re running a two-person office, a corporation, or a virtual global team, you’ll walk away with new ideas and a new attitude to transform your leadership game.

In this unfiltered autobiography, leadership coach Michelle Reines reveals the most impactful lessons she has learned during her meteoric rise into management that left her dangerously close to being trampled by the “bull.” Reines shares how getting the people-parts of leadership right helps leaders—whether seasoned or emerging-rise above challenges—make a lasting impact and leave a legacy of unstoppable leadership that develops and inspires a future generation of leaders.

Michelle Reines is an author, coveted international speaker, popular podcast guest, facilitator, executive coach, and founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc. Reines is innovative and results-oriented and has a celebrated reputation of helping leaders and teams exceed expectations in highly competitive, distressed, or volatile business climates.

And her newest book, From Bad to Badass, is a feisty, entertaining and unconventional narrative that’s everything but boring. She looks forward to sharing her thrills of victory and agonies of defeat, with the goal of supporting you on your journey to unstoppable leadership.

Reines is not a natural-born leader. She is an ever-evolving one.


Being badass as a leader means becoming an unstoppable force in the world of leadership. – Michelle Reines

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Check out this book by Larry Stuart:

Spirit of Hospitality


  • “Love Your Customers ~ Serve Them Unconditionally ~ Win Their Hearts.”

Larry Stuart, a Cornell University Graduate, has over 40 years of leadership experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with such class brands including the Walt Disney World Dolphin, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Loews Hotels at Orlando Resort, and Southwest Airlines.  He has contributed as a hospitality expert for FOX News and is the CEO of LS Hospitality.

“Reading Larry’s book, The Spirit of Hospitality, took me back to the opening of the Walt Disney World Dolphin, where Larry developed and honed much of his philosophy on service. He, along with his teammates, helped make a culture that swept up our staff and managers alike and created an atmosphere unlike any I have experienced since. The Spirit of Hospitality will enthrall you with the possibilities and instill not only the importance of the basics, but the value of reinventing and stretching every day.”

– Michael D. Welly, Emeritus General Manager, Walt Disney World Dolphin; President, Cairn Hospitality and Wellness Consulting

Learn more about Larry here!

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